The Way to Quatria

Tim Boucher
Aug 24 · 2 min read

Dear Friends & Colleagues,

According to legend, the way to Quatria is different for each voyager. Though two travelers might set off side-by-side on the same road for that ancient mystic land, one might reach it shortly while the other might wander in circles forever. Tradition says the place itself must want to be found, or the quest is doomed from the start.

My own route to Quatria has been the very definition of circuitous. I will not attempt to unravel that long and tangled skein herein, as the shifting signposts and detours I followed might never appear to whosoever comes seeking this mysterious continent after me.

Instead, I will let the discoveries of my past year spent amongst the relics of these remarkable peoples speak for themselves. I have not yet had time to properly process and organize my extensive research and field notes, and so must humbly ask your forgiveness in presenting what I do have in jumbled form at the hyperlink below (I felt it of the utmost importance to simply share my findings posthaste in the furtherance of the work):

Please bookmark, as future research & analysis of this amazing culture will be posted regularly at the above address, supplemented by occasional email updates, from which you may unsubscribe at any time without offense.

I remain your humble servant,

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Quatrian Folkways

Legends, Folklore, and History of Ancient Quatria and the Pantarctican Diaspora

Tim Boucher

Written by

Quatrian immigrant & history buff

Quatrian Folkways

Legends, Folklore, and History of Ancient Quatria and the Pantarctican Diaspora

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