What is the Quatria Theory?

A Few Important Facts

Many people on Quora have been asking important questions about Quatria, and so we compiled a brief explainer to hopefully clear up any confusion about the central components of what is known as the Quatria Theory.

  1. Quatria was a global prehistoric seafaring civilization.
  2. Quatrian civilization existed millions of years ago.
  3. Quatrians had colonies around the world in far flung locations.
  4. Their fleet consisted of reed boats capable of withstanding voyages over the high seas.
  5. Like their boats, all Quatrian cultural artifacts were made of organic materials that have long since deteriorated.
  6. The Quatrian capital was located in Antarctica, back when the continent was tropical.
  7. The Piri Reis map and several other very old maps depict Quatria.
  8. Quatrian civilization was destroyed over the course of hundreds of years by a series of ecological disasters, including volcanic eruptions, massive flooding, and asteroid impacts.
  9. As coastlines have risen, the remnants of almost all the other ancient Quatrian settlements are now underwater. Those that remain will be revealed as the ice in Antarctica melts.
  10. Evidence of the existence of this civilisation has been systematically destroyed by authorities for millenia, because they view this secret history as a threat to their power.




Non-Profitable Organization Dedicated to Preserving Folklore & History of Ancient Quatria

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