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A Dinner for the Ages: Who you got?

The Last Supper’ by Leaonardo Da Vinci
  1. Jesus Christ
On the Books to Read (Photo Source)
Martin Luther King Jr. (Photo source)
Michelle Obama preaching. (Source)
  • Great minds of today and what they think of the future (Musk, Merkel, Barack)
  • Family members gone to soon to learn more of their family (deceased grandparent, parent, modern day person)
  • Terrible rulers of the past, to know if they were in fact merciless, or simply knew what it would take to align the masses (Stalin, Hitler, Mao)
  • Comedians to laugh all night (Tina Fey, Robin Williams, Dave Chapelle)
  • Athletes (Ali, Serena, Jordan)



Just 4 gents in the middle of our life trying to figure out what the hell is going on here. Interested in many things, experts in none.

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