Why not…

I’ve known two of the four guys in this group since childhood, the other for a few years now. Two lawyers in Chicago, a doctor in Columbus, and a tech nerd in New York City. We share the same feelings on certain topics, disagree on others.

One thing is consistent amongst us four however, the hunger to learn. We want to have our opinions tested. From macro level discussions, to who we think is the next to go on Game of Thrones (and why), we challenge one another on solidifying our arguments and thoughts.

There was one figure that really triggered our constant exchanging of tweets with one another, but I’m sure that topic will come up sooner rather than later.

The goal of this blog is to have each of us write about a relavant topic and our position on the matter. We stand for our own writing which may not portray the thoughts of the crew collectively. We also understand you may disagree with our position on a matter, and we want to hear your thoughts as to why!

David Baez

Adrian Diaz

Brian Salvi

Evan Romero

We are looking forward to solving nothing, but trying to sound coherent!

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