A Scientist Turned Fintech Entrepreneur’s “Financial Philosophy”

How Finsophy is Working to Ensure a Better Future for Humanity

Every adult had a poster hanging in his or her childhood room that he or she remembers fondly in adulthood, often with a touch of embarrassment attached. For Jason Aspiotis, there is no embarrassment, just inspiration. When five-year-old Jason’s father put up a solar system poster, he knew he wanted to be a scientist. What he didn’t know, was that that would lead him to becoming an entrepreneur in finance as well.

Jason is the CEO and founder of Finsophy, a marketplace for transparent and mission oriented banking products. Growing up in Greece, England and the US, Jason was exposed to diverse cultures and a broad perspective on global politics and socio-economics. “The downtrend in Greece showed its early signs during my childhood,” Jason says referring to the current socio-economic situation there. The “situation” is the result of what he refers to as “irresponsible, corrupt, non-transparent and myopic capitalism.” His father instilled in him to always drive for the truth and transparency. “The most powerful forces in the universe are mathematics, physics, and knowledge,” says Jason, reflecting on his father’s guidance to become a scientist.

“When you become a scientist, you learn to challenge the status quo and solve problems,” says Jason. Jason knew because of the eroding socio-economic situation in Greece, that he had to pursue his higher calling outside of his childhood country. As an undergraduate, he studied Astrophysics at the Florida Institute of Technology and then got his Masters in Physics at the University of Central Florida.

Jason pitching at DIG South in Charleston, SC in April.

After school, Jason found a “temporary calling” in the aerospace industry but he often had the question of what role capitalism and finance would continue to play in humanity’s future in the back of his mind. Is it to remain a force for wealth inequality and socio-economic strife, or is it to be utilized as a force of democratized technological advancement, resource abundance, and limitless possibilities for humanity?

While Jason was contemplating this, successful entrepreneurs turned billionaires were investing their own money into the future of humanity. Jason says Elon Musk’s founding of and commitment to launching SpaceX led him to one question: what could he be doing as a scientist and problem solver to support the future of humanity off of earth?

Jason’s answer was Finsophy — a different “take” on capitalism, “a way to couple people’s aspirations for the future, sustainability and environment, to our personal financial power”.

Jason found Tiago Soromenho, a successful fintech entrepreneur who shared Jason’s vision for humanity’s necessary future in space. Tiago joined the Finsophy team as the Chief Information Officer, Al Pizzica as the Chief Strategy Officer, and the Finsophy team grew. “I would go to a bunch of conferences and at some point people started to find me,” says Jason. People sought Jason out because of Finsophy’s altruistic and long-term vision and that is how he built the team.

The Finsophy team.

Jason and the Finsophy team are not trying to disrupt or radically change banking and capitalism. “We are trying to tweak the equation of banking to maximize viable capital flow to the future of humanity,” says Jason. “The future of humanity is environment, is education, is sustainability, and is space.”

Success for Jason will be when he can step off this planet and look back and see a healthy, sustainable earth, a thriving and equality driven society, and humanity pushing its presence to the rest of the solar system. He doesn’t know if Finsophy will be how he accomplishes this. But, Jason believes that if enough people in the world care about the future of humanity then collectively, with our problem solving and financial power, we can make his definition of success happen.

Note: This content was originally published by Queen City Fintech.