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A Paradigme Break

Transforming without words just by being

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We are so intoxicated by our dominant ideology that we need a physical warning to stop thinking all the time, to stop producing full time, to stop getting better, stop making the world. The world does not get better because it is in a dual dimension. We need to reach inner unity so that our vibration overflows and transforms without words. We are not separated: heal yourself, you heal then your family, ancestors, friends, and many more you even don’t know, so softly they don’t realize.

Our ideology made from Capitalism, Christianity and Materialism kills us. It kills our body, heart and mind. We don’t need to work so much to live and be sustained. We work to overgrow wealth for some, to overgrow their ego and to feed the machine that devours the Earth.


  1. We need to begin Losing the Language of Lack, as tells us Nalini MacNab. We are focused upon the lack, forgetting what we do lack. As Nalini writes, we program our lack with our daily words. In 2021, why not choosing our words: words of plenitude, abundance, fullness?
  2. Are we so different? We are just at different times, different sequences of the same collective soul evolution, steps or moods. Yohanan Marcus wants to broadcast his well-being and happiness in Spiritual Grow Check-in.
  3. Are we so alone that we don’t need anybody? This is a myth. Yohanan Marcus tells us his life lessons, in Wait for the Miracle.
  4. No, the Winter Solstice is not any moment, it is a key moment, as Anthi Psomiadou tells us in her poem, To The Winter Solstice.
  5. Beth Stormont says thank you for liberty of view, as a refugee poet, in I Am So Very Thankful.
  6. Beth Stormont, in Writing According to Understanding, asks if it is better to write according to our audience or according to our inspiration like in channeling.
  7. Ann Litts, in The Challenge Of Being Mortal, shows us how the Now is elusive but essential as an answer to the prompt: our nested lives. Time has no reality but the Now.
  8. Anthi Psomiadou, in Walking On A Meander, takes us away in eternity.

You know what, I am happy to come back to you, my friends.





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Jean Carfantan

Jean Carfantan

From Brittany. Founder of Queen’s Children. I do not expect anything from you but I welcome all I receive from Life, may be through you. youenn at imagi.in .