Queen’s Children
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Queen’s Children

Anxious Night

Not every commotion has a voice.


Mira was hearing the loud noise from the corner of her window. She asks Rajeev if she was the only one hearing that commotion. She nudges him “What are they up to again? Why do they need to fight a lot every night? He doesn’t say a word. She asks him again “Are you even paying heed to what I am saying?” He stares back at her and says “Will you just shut up and go to sleep”?




Welcome to wisdom, diversity, beauty and love. Goddess connection, spirituality, politics and action for women, celebration of beauty and diversity are the various themes

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Gurpreet Dhariwal

Gurpreet Dhariwal

Author of Two Poetry Books. Domestic Violence Survivor, Sketcher, Dog Lover, Poet. www.gurpreetdhariwal.com/

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