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Elation, Elevation, Exploration, and a rapid incursion about Mothers

12 precious posts unwinding this Ariadne’s Thread like in a collective book

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

After some lock down time and the coming of sunny days in the North hemisphere, we feel the pulse to go and explore. Our posts receive waves of each others and connect on the same theme:

  1. Beth Stormont, in Are You Confused?. . ., replaces the alternative about doing or being by incorporating both.
  2. Kat Magik, in Water As Intimacy, describes intimacy with deep self-love while floating in water.
  3. Nalini MacNab, in Miracle Orb, celebrates Gaia and the miracle of life, connection and consciousness She allows.
  4. Joseph Lieungh, in A Path of Loving Expansion, sings about the natural longing to love and explore the universe.
  5. Beth Stormont, in The Whole Picture, explains how our view is exploded but the reality is in the whole picture.
  6. Anthi Psomiadou, in Top View, enjoys to get out of the box.
  7. Rebecca celebrates the Mystic Woman, her freedom and power.
  8. Denise G, in The Hall of Records, listens to the choir of those who preceded us.
  9. Anthi Psomiadou, in In Eternalland, It’s now o’clock. Again and again and again.[] I move the camera of my conscience above.
  10. Denise G, in OffSpring, celebrates mothers as a long chain through time.
  11. Chinyere Okoh, in Celebration of a Queen!, reveres her mother as a force of resilience.
  12. Infiniti 🦋, in Magic Mushrooms, A Shaman & Mother GAIA, this time the trip was different.

You know what ? We are weaving a collective canvas with our own words, this is called freedom and diversity.



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