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Queen’s Children

Life is a “Camino”

Photo by Miguel Junco on Unsplash

The more consciously we walk, the more we grow.

Do we need a mountain to climb? Most of us think so.

What if, as Shirley MacLaine wrote in her book, The Camino, we need to learn to become the valley? The receptacle into which all things flow? That image stunned me this time. I must have resisted it before. I love mountains, as much as I love the sea. And yet, it is life’s…




Welcome to wisdom, diversity, beauty and love. Goddess connection, spirituality, politics and action for women, celebration of beauty and diversity are the various themes

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Nalini MacNab

Nalini MacNab

I live, learn, write, create and share the experience of embodying HER Infinite Love. https://www.nalinimacnab.com

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