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Mother Goose

Ariadne’s Thread #17 : the choice

Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash


I love geese, this is a sacred moment when they fly to Africa in October. They fly above home singing. This is a very special moment that makes me shiver. You know then, you are part of a cosmic wheel.


The goose is a grounding symbol, try to visualize and identify to the goose. Your center is near Gaia, you feel gravity and earth love, you feel your roots.

Photo by Paul Einerhand on Unsplash

The Camino

Before what we call the Santiago camino, the symbol was not a shell with so many paths but the goose leg with three paths. This way in France and Spain existed yet in Neolithic to the West, the Finisterra. There is 3 Finisterrae in Europe : Cornwall, Brittany and Galicia. Then, in United States, European immigrants continued to be attracted by the West. In French, a fork on the road is a goose leg (patte d’oie) with three branches as a choice.

goose leg by the author

How do you create a choice? Often the choice begins before you even know you’ll have to do this particular choice, through several nothings, coincidences, to lead you to this choice. Often you are guided by your Higher Self, guided by the Source.

The goose leg shows we have three choices, never two. We are manipulated so we become binary like computers. White or black ? We are hypnotized by binary that means wars, it has changed some paths in our brain. Please come back to three to be in peace.


I follow several channeling publications. In one after several relevant (in my opinion) channelings, I saw one of b*llsh*t, like the worm in the fruit. My wife told me to tell the channeler we know personally. I answered, it is up to everyone to have discernment. When the big change comes, everyone will have to choose without anyone choosing for them. Inner discrimination is your best compass in life and you don’t need anybody to choose for you.

Please welcome our new writer, Beth Stormont, explore her interesting works. She inspired the last prompt about patterns.

Many beautiful shells are left for any Medium walker on our camino, to show the way :

  1. In Brown Skies, White Feather describes the smoke above the Rocky Mountains and the Front Range darkening Gaia’s aura.
  2. In Darkness and Derailment, Alexandra Blue learns to manifest what she wants at work but still worries about being separated from her Twin Flame.
  3. Nalini MacNab, in a tale, The Gatekeeper, tells us the story of how the Mother Dragon was tricked.
  4. In her poem, The Child of the City, Nicole Jiang relates how she discovered lately the sea, coming from the city.
  5. In Connecting the Dots, Jean Carfantan launches a prompt about the patterns in time and space.
  6. Dennett writes a poem about the relationships and how we can be blind through our emotions in My Predicament, as an answer to the prompt. Sometimes the prompt is like a well and it is like, water was waiting for it to surface.
  7. Jean Carfantan proposes six tales about his life patterns throughout 6 Tales of Ignorance and Oblivion.
  8. Alexandra Blue in Our New World, as an answer to an ancient prompt about time, has a vision of the New Earth.
  9. In The Devil You Know, Ann Litts, relates how she lived on the wild side in a period of her life, answering to the prompt Patterns.
  10. Dennett gives us a poem, Not This Time, about the link of the grandmother and a new born baby, partly severed by the Corona.

This week is generally busy for everyone. Let’s keep the link as long as the internet allows it. We built something more than the internet link. On my side, I don’t have much time, and I miss going to read you as often as I wish and I write less too, this is a temporary period, like tides of time.

Please make your week shines with your heart, even through unpleasant events sometimes.

Love from Jean



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