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Queen’s Children

Queen Scotia and New Earth

The magic of the stars flowed through her….

For anyone interested in the Ireland-Egypt connection. Had some interesting insights while in a shaman trance state. May these ideas resonate with those who vibrate in a similar frequency.

I asked see ancestors, and Queen Scotia came through. I don’t like using the word “channeled”, I see energies as archetypes within the collective human consciousness, and if there is any connection through DNA, then one can remember for a brief moment, and embody it long enough to bring forth a message. So, a message from the energy of Queen Scotia:

She is of the same lineage of Akhenaton and Nefertiti, a royal star lineage that goes back to the temples of Isis- Magdalene and ultimately to cosmic womb mysteries. She would’ve come from a lineage of a divine mother, back to Egyptian goddess Hathor, the sky dakini. She was not a princess, but a priestess of an ancient womb lineage.

She represented a feminine way of Being, you could call it a magical reality, where manifestation through the cosmic womb was possible. This was a female priestess role. I saw her as an Egyptian woman buried in Kerry, and her message was clear: In ancient Ireland as in ancient Egypt there were guides known as womb shamans, female shamans. It’s incredibly important now to simply connect to this female womb shamanism which is literally all over the country and the earth. The sacred site are nearly all womb portals of the great mother, where the velvety blackness of the divine mother frequency can be accessed. The was humanity’s oldest religion, which spanned hundreds of thousands of years, possibly millions of years. The depth of loss of this womb wisdom is staggering.

The other important message is that she comes from a star lineage, a cosmic Sophia consciousness. Queen Scotia planted the energetic seeds in Ireland for its spiritual awakening. To remember that our consciousness is celestial. This isn’t being “ungrounded”. There’s nothing more human than being both Earthbound and cosmically aligned. It’s the way of the divine human.

Part of her role was to seed Egyptian magic womb consciousness into Ireland. Newgrange and the pyramids are quite related in their function. Hathor is Egypt’s sky dakini, or cosmic goddess, whose fluids were known to be the Milky Way. Similarly, Boann could be considered one of Ireland’s cosmic goddesses, which is perhaps why her river mirrors the Milky Way. The nourishing milk of the stars was said to flow from her breasts, falling on water and flowing into the womb of Newgrange. The womb, the tomb, the void, the portal.

There was once a golden age on Gaia where stargates were opened, this was the purpose of the pyramids, inter- galactic travel. This was common knowledge up until about 10, 000 years ago. Loughcrew and Newgrange serve similar functions in ancient and future golden ages to the Egyptian pyramids. They are portals.

The ancients knew that they played an important role in maintaining harmony between cosmic, earth, and the elementary bodies through song sound, and intent. Music of the spheres was sung through every cell, nourishing a huge web. They knew that the stars ancestors above, and the Earthen core below were one and the same. Thuatha de Danaan? From the stars. Is in the myth. Encoded within the limitations of mind is the mystical truth.

Much of this has been forbidden, lost, and banished knowledge, because if enough of humanity was opened to their incredible inner potential then the powers-that-be could not control us. We could simply “power up” our electromagnetic force fields, create a beautiful sacred geometric wave of thought through our golden pineal glands, emanate it outwards over Earth, and raise the vibration enough to literally live in a “New Earth”. We are the masters of this reality, through our incredible consciousness.

Queen Scotia was an emissary of a very royal, benevolent, and celestial lineage that has been trying to help humanity win its freedom and allow it to reach new earth timelines. She was partially responsible for bringing this benevolent star lineage frequency to Ireland.

We’re not alone in the universe. Many of the sacred sites here are stargates. Loughcrew, for example, is a stargate, a portal to the Andromeda galaxy. The keepers of that land know this. It’s kept secret. But this is a new era, where formerly druidic secrets must be shared wisely for the ascension and awakening of humanity. Thats why it’s good to risk sharing these truths, even at the expense of being deemed “mad’.

We are in dire times, spiritually. New earth cannot happen, humanity cannot ascent and reassemble their memory and 12 strand DNA until enough of a critical mass is reached. Going through the literal quantum wormholes in our brains, to access things we thought impossible before.

All prophecies point to now. We must remember our connection, because we ARE the stardust, we are the ancestors, we are the future, and right NOW is our moment to shine.

Queen Scotia, like many others, is a treasure keeper of the magical feminine reality. Call it the Grail lineage, it’s written into human consciousness through symbols: the cosmic egg, the ouroboros, the chalice and the well, the rose and the grail, they are all here for us as guideposts. A big part of the expansion of human consciousness is in the unity of feminine and masculine ways perceiving reality. We live in a reality that has so diminished the feminine vibration we seem to barely remember it. So now the deepest challenge is in allowing a new reality within our minds. It’s the revival of gnosis found in caves, in portals, in vulvas, in waters held within wombs, in the velvety blackness of the divine mother’s Void.

Respect the female knowing through the cosmic portal of the womb. Listen deeply. The information is held within the waters of the womb, living memories from quantum timelines. It won’t be found in books or in the limited understanding of realty interpreted by current consciousness. This requires a quantum leap of faith.

Take back the wisdom and remember the magic queen.



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