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Queen’s Children

Taririh, the Goddess, and the Taliban

Mary Magdalen by Jonthan Weber

The story of Taririh was shown to me by standing stones, unbelievably enough.

She is known as the Pure One. Her story, as given to me by the stones in Ireland, has shown me that all rivers lead to the ocean. That there is a place where Bah’ai and Druidism meet, because God knows no separation. That earth herself is a planetary being. If her heart is in Glastonbury, her crown is in Tibet. Everything on her body is interconnected, just as a cloud over Amazonia will eventually fall as rain over Alaska and will return to the great ocean current.

Sometimes it’s tricky being a ‘channel’, because messages come through unbidden, unbeckoned. As I understand it, this is the meaning of being a Magdalene, a feminine portal and doorway to expanded awareness. Taririh’s story is one such message. She has been with me for two days now, so pure, so lovely and divine, so ancient.

Tahririh, the force of her pure heart, flowed from those stones into my heart. I do not wish to speak on this topic, but spirit is guiding that it affects us all. It has been asked to be shared.

The women killed and terrorised by the Taliban are not separate from you and me, any more than a drop of rain in a cloud over the amazon is separate from the ocean it came from. We are One.

Tarihi was born in Persia in 1817. Gifted, brilliant, and exceptional from birth, she was determined to speak for women as equals in the Bahai faith, and well versed in spirit. She appeared unveiled in front of an assembly of men, and caused a stir. From then on, she was hounded. She was poisoned by her husband, attacked, imprisoned, and ultimately killed. Throughout her life her spirit was known as “unsubduable”, and she has been named The Pure One. She died for her ideals, but her spirit lives on.

She came to me, with a message loud and clear:

We are in the End Times of patriarchy, and her unsubduable spirit is still here with us. We are witnessing the last spurts of wounded masculine energy, and it’s ugly.

The current actions of the Taliban may seem extreme, but the force behind them is really no different than the epidemic of domestic violence that women all over the world experience, they are just unapologetically blatant abut it. The feminine soul does not experience a just world. The law persecutes the humanity of the feminine, and has for a long time. Men often do not protect women, but instead harm them. Most murders of females are done by intimate partners. The murder and rape of Sarah Everett walking home in the UK last year was done by a police officer! Someone upholding the ‘law’. This is the manifestation of a system deeply out of balance.

The Taliban may seem extreme. But it’s the same story in Western history. Western ‘democracy’, which began with Greek and Roman history, is founded on the same patriarchal distortions. The stories Westerners grew up with, of male heroes slaying fearsome monsters, were in truth simply killing the feminine. Medusa they killed, the Pythia they killed, the Oracle of Delphi they killed, the dragons and serpents they killed. All those male ‘heroes’- they were killing the paradoxical feminine essence. Those ‘monsters’ were the male embodied fear of the power of the feminine.

They killed the feminine essence, and then glorified the masculine. This is the world we inherited.

A wounded male living in such an unbalanced system can’t respect the feminine, either in the form of women, or in the form of the feminine energy he carries within, It’s impossible for him. He’s been hijacked, brainwashed, taken by his society far from truth and wisdom.

Imagine a young boy growing up, hearing “don’t be a pussy” “you throw like a girl”

Is it any wonder that contempt for feminine is within wounded men?

It’s the spiritual immature masculine which has lost all connection to the inner feminine spirit.

This is the culmination of the system known as patriarchy.

It’s the son helping to stone to death his own mother in Iraq. It’s the police office raping and killing Sarah Everett in the UK, It’s the fingers of men in their little daughters bodies. It’s males watching porn every night.

It’s the performance of femininity, with botox injections and breast implants. It’s real woman caged, tied, bound, and gagged, wrapped in a pretty little package.

Wounded men can’t like the true feminine. It’s impossible for them. They have been taught to project their fear, objectify, be entitled to, and control. It’s what’s ‘normal’ for them. Women know there’s no one to trust in the patriarchy, no authority to turn to for protection. Not police officers, not judges, not male spiritual elders. Because the patriarchy is upheld by broken women.

What is ‘normal’, the water we all swim in, is a living hell for the true feminine.

And yet, all we can do is have compassion, for them, their projections, their disrespect. Just like the story of Sophia, who loves all her children, all her creations, no matter how grotesque. Just like the story of Venus loving Lucifer. The evening star loving the morning star, no matter how low it dips beyond the horizon of light, she knows he’ll rise at dawn.

Because they have lost all connection to their inner rose, the inner feminine.

They may think they are benefiting from this unbalanced system, but eventually the brokenness within starts to emerge, like light through cement cracks.

As they begin to awaken to their own brokenness, There is the realization of lost identities, lost paths, lost inner connections. The drinking, the numbing, the overwork, the urge for suicide.

The wounded heart of the broken masculine is longing to heal the festering Mother Wound.

And what heals masculine energy? Connecting to feminine love energy, within him and without him. Like the story of the Knight Perceval, who out of all of the men in the kingdom had the compassion to tend to the stinking wound of the Fisher King, and compassionately nurture him. To admit there is a wound. A HEALED male can do this.

By connecting to and resurrecting his inner feminine, a powerful energy begins to gather, growing from within. The opposite of an atomic bomb: pure sacred union of opposites.

This alchemical process must happen in the Great Womb. A descent, then an ascent. Facing the fear of annihilation within the feminine Void, and becoming reborn. Being annihilated by the fires of the Holy Mother’s love.

It requires a surrender into the womb of God. Because the great womb is the tomb, it is the force of cosmic transformation.

Once he knows in his bones that he is both masculine and feminine, he will protect the Womb and the feminine vessel at all costs, because it is the source of his very life, not separate from him in any way.

What the Taliban is doing to Afghan women and girls is extreme, but it’s the logical conclusion of patriarchy. It is the extreme example of the collective unbalanced masculine which has diminished femininity. (The more diminished the feminine energy, the more toxic the masculine). We are watching the death throes of patriarchy.

We must keep in mind that the patriarchy goes way deeper than we realise; it does not simply emerge from the hearts of human men and women. It is a strategy by those who do not wish to see Christed light of divine humanity emerge. The best weapon for this is misogny, propagating hatred and fear of the Mother principle, because it is the masculine and feminine united in the sacred heart that is the second coming of christ on planet Earth.

The cosmic truth is, Iran is the 10th Stargate on the Golden Eagle Grid network of Earth’s planetary body. It used to be the home of a living Goddess intelligence, known as Tiamet. This place birthed Ishtar, Inanna, Isis, and ultimately Magdalene. It’s incredibly feminine, it is the entry of the solar feminine Christ. Ishtar was a Sun Goddess, and through her cosmic womb comes feminine Light.

But this Stargate has been inverted and under control of patriarchal domination forces, which began by the Draconian and Annunaki invasion in Sumeria-Egypt thousands of years ago. They also currently control the 8th Stargate in Giza Egypt. This is why the epicentre of misogny and female oppression is found within these geographical areas.

The queen of heaven, the goddess, the descent of Inanna and Ishtar, the truth of Isis as divine alchemist and resurrectress, has been purposefully taken from humanity.

But it is back. The Sophianic mother principle is being reclaimed, piece by piece. The light workers have been diligently working to clear and free Ley lines, to repair the Sophianic essence on Earth. To repair quantum timelines from the Sumerian invasions, from Cathar, Essene, and Druid massacres, and from Magdalene distortions.

These stargates are powerful portals for cosmic wisdom, and when they are reclaimed, Sophia and Holy Mother will emerge, bringing balance and unity and harmony, bringing the sweet music of the spheres. The song of Christos-Sophia returned.

Tarihih was a divine spark. The Pure One was a harbinger for this era. A divine feminine spark of spirit. A gateway, a sacred Stargate.

Just as Magdalene served as the portal to resurrect Yeshua from the tomb, the womb. Just as Isis resurrected Osiris from death, after being killed by his shadow brother Set.

Just as men need the womb for their very life. For both their birth, and their resurrection.

A woman who knows this deeply in her bones cannot be diminished, because she knows her divine power to give him his life.

All women in deep embodied connection to Holy Mother know this.

It’s the rise of the healed feminine light that will allow the healing of the broken, immature masculine, exemplified into its extreme form known as the Taliban.

The power of Sophia is being reclaimed and birthed through the cosmic womb. She is birthing again, spirit into matter, incarnating in women like Tarihih.

Her birth was no accident. Her story, born as she was in the darkest region of feminine oppression, is a story of God showing her face on Earth.

So feel the pain, the sorrow. Cry for sisters fallen. But rise in compassion, in knowing that the era is now over, and a new rose light begins to glow. The Holy Mother, Sophia, is returned now. Gaia-Sophia is being freed from her bondage.

The day before they killed her, the Sháh summoned Taririh again. Again she rebuffed him. They strangled her with a scarf and threw her body down a well. The Times of London reported her death on October 13, 1852. She was thirty-six years old.

Táhirih remained defiant until the end. “You can kill me as soon as you like,” she said, as she faced her murderers, “but you cannot stop the emancipation of women.”

RIP Taririh. RIP Sarah Everett. RIP the millions of Wise Women. RIP the forever lost innocence of Afghani girls.

Your souls will live in peace, one day soon.

As a divine sister has said, ‘Soon, the pain will just be a memory.’



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