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prompt: free will

The Consent

On which level of our being is our free will?

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Now, we speak a lot about sexual consent. At what age? What when the victim is in an altered state of consciousness?

What about spiritual consent? It is a vast question because we live in a simulation adapted to our physical senses: the lie helps us to find our truth. As Jean Cocteau said - “I am a lie who always speaks the truth.”

We are a lot more than a physical body.

We are a genie in Aladdin’s lamp, we are a huge spirit with a part in the physical body. We are inside infinite fractals.


On which level is the free will? Is it in our ignorance in a 3D world, or on a higher level of consciousness?

This is a tricky question. I ask it to myself after reading the Three Waves of Volunteers by Dolores Cannon and seeing the work of Calogero Grifani. Both are hypnotists.

Dolores Cannon, practicing the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique saw that etheric or physical implants are not “bad”, it depends on our perspective. Some humans are starseeds because they volunteered to come on Earth to participate to the Shift that is taking place here and now. Implants allow them to keep the communication opened to their mother planet. The act of removing them needs a great discernment.

Calogero Grifasi is practicing Hypnotic Esoteric Regression whose aim is to go back to the trauma source and erase the time line. It touches very deep schemes and this is where I ask about the consent and at which level.

The problem in 3D is that sometimes we are prisoners in ever lasting loops from which we need help to get out.

There are cases where an attached entity is abusing, going beyond any agreement and here, there is no question.

Then, this morning, with Alexandra Blue, I had a private dialogue about her text :


I am thinking too about the text by Dennett :


I’d like to have opinions through texts by our writers.

I’d like to write the newsletters and prompts in advance but it comes always at the last moment as a imperious necessity.

  1. Dennett in Soul Whispers narrates a marvelous story as a sequence of synchronicities until she live in a paradise, after the prompt about Alignment.
  2. Ann Litts in The Groove speaks about the sensation of security and freedom on a motorbike or a horse when you feel the weightlessness of your soul, after the prompt about Alignment.
  3. Dennett, according to the prompt about Loyalties, speaks about abuse when she got back her free will in Enough Arrived.
  4. Ann Litts, in Crone Rebellion, questions too the loyalty to oneself after the prompt Loyalties.
  5. Infiniti 🦋 in Activating DMT Naturally & The New Moon 9.17.2020, explains how we can alter our minds with DMT without any psychedelics.
  6. Devi O’Carroll tells us 5 steps to creating a sacred lunar garden in Gardening with The Moon.
  7. Jean Carfantan launches the prompt when the truth comes alive in Writers Don’t Explain Everything.
  8. Nalini MacNab, in The Red Cave, Emily keeps on dealing with her shadows and nightmares. In her travel through dimensions, she remembers a dolmen portal…
  9. Lori McCray writes, in All Life Matters, about how life is sacred.
  10. Ann Litts, in Living A Lie, tells us how she shook her lies cage and changed her life construction, as an answer to the prompt When the truth comes alive.
  11. Gurpreet Dhariwal, too proposed a text entitled Living a Lie, in which she narrates how she stopped her writing discipline, at a moment.

Cheers for these complicated times

Love from Jean



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