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The Divine Design

Ariadne’s Thread #16 : our infinite wave

Photo by Silas Baisch on Unsplash

As Queen’s Children publication unfolds, a design is unfolding made of many cycles woven in its time wheel. I observe this mysterious design opening its wings. I am unable to point it precisely but my soul is in awe on contemplating the movement through every week.

What divine design made me create this publication? It was a call inside but I had no idea of the outcome. I am an observer on how this wave keeps running around the globe oceans, although I am an actor too.

Everyone, here, participates keeping this wave to unfold in many surprising ways, feeding then the divine design that gave the impulse of this infinite wave. This a fun game, loving and learning.

This week, we welcome two new writers :

Victoria Ponte

White Feather

Please explore their past work and how they weave their personal and unique pattern in the tapestry of our community.

What a divine flow! I wish you a marvelous and magical week for this incoming future.





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