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Pretty Little Liars: Social Media, Fashion and Dedicated Fandoms

How Pretty Little Liars became a cultural phenomenon.

Pretty Little Liars iconic poster: the four female protagonists are seen strutting in glamorous black funeral attire, wearing black sunglasses, as they hold a dark wood coffin.
Pretty Little Liars — Season 6 Poster © ABC Family / Freeform

There are certain series that seem to drag on for way too long, and everyone is painfully aware of it. Although these shows are clearly past their prime, they continue to air due to high-levels of fan-investment. Pretty Little




“Queer Rambles” is where I’ll place articles about pop culture, poltics and queer topics. Thanks for stopping by!

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Puerto Rican writer. 🇵🇷🏳️‍🌈 Poetry, Television & History. Owner of Ilusiones, a publication for Caribbean/Latinx writers. maybecreate@gmail.com (she/they)

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