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Friday Highlights in Queerly Trans (March 25, 2022)

Another fabulous week full of wonderful writings

Photo by Logan Silkwood

In case you hadn’t followed/subscribed to Queerly Trans yet, here is what we had to offer this week:

In “I Came Out Transgender at Work”, 💜 Victoria Quinn 💜 shared her coming out experience at work in a




QueelyTrans is a publication for stories from writers who are trans/non-binary with an extra flavor of queer. Trans doesn’t equal straight and we are so far from it, we’re getting delightfully dizzy. Come play! Our voices are too quiet — let’s change that.

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Logan Silkwood

Logan Silkwood

I’m your friendly neighborhood polyamorous, non-binary trans man. Pronouns: he/him. I’m an editor for Queerly Trans and Prism & Pen. Twitter: @logan_silkwood

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