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Queerly Trans

Overflowing with Man Juice

The doctor’s assessment of my Testosterone levels

“926,” they said.

They explained that this was a little higher than the average cis male in my age range.

It seems that my cells have been acting like little man juice vampires, sucking up every drop like their microscopic lives depend on it. Realistically, it’s possible



QueelyTrans is a publication for stories from writers who are trans/non-binary with an extra flavor of queer. Trans doesn’t equal straight and we are so far from it, we’re getting delightfully dizzy. Come play! Our voices are too quiet — let’s change that.

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Logan Silkwood

I’m a polyamorous, non-binary trans man (he/him). I edit for Queerly Trans, Prism & Pen, Enbyous, and Trans Love & (A)Sexuality. Twitter: @logan_silkwood.