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Writing Prompt: Queer Trans Dreams and Fantasies

What do you wish would happen?

What do we want our stories to be?

So much of the representation of queer and trans people that we find in media covers the tragedies that our people experience. Though it’s easy for me to criticize this representation of our people, I have to admit that it can be difficult to portray a realistic image of our people in fiction without acknowledging the pain that is such a common part of our experience.

Sometimes even our dreams show what we’re lacking in life.

I want to try to move past the pain into fantasy territory.

It’s difficult to make good things happen if we’re too busy surviving to even know what we ideally want. Let’s write about our hopes and dreams.

  • You could write about your ideal queer trans love or relationship(s).
  • You could write about your dream job.
  • You could write about a place that you hope to someday be welcome to travel to safely or a special person you would love to meet.
  • You could write about the family you dream of building.
  • You could write about an event you would like to experience.
  • You could write about a kind of impact that you hope to make in your community or on a larger scale.

Your fantasy doesn’t have to be explicitly about being queer and trans, though it’s possible that discrimination may be an obstacle to overcome in achieving your wish, causing your queerness and transness to become more central to your dream than you might have hoped. It’s up to you to decide whether and to what degree you will address that in your writing.

Your responses can be related directly to your life or to an imaginary life. You can write creative non-fiction, fiction, or poetry in response.

I can’t wait to read all about your queer trans dreams and fantasies!

Responses so far:

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