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Writing Prompt: Transition Goals

Does this journey have any planned destinations?

Photo by Logan Silkwood

This journey looks radically different for different people.

Not all of us like to use terms like “transitioning”, but for some of us, that word feels very appropriate. For many of us, coming to terms with labels like “trans” and “queer” can come with a lot of drastic life changes. Some of us feel like we were born embodying our labels. Others feel like we grew into them. What do you expect to be your final label? Do you think there will be a final destination label for you or is this process permanently fluid?

Some of these changes are completely out of our control. We might have lost friends, family, jobs, a lot of money, medical coverage, or any number of other important things. We may have unexpectedly gained chosen family, a new circle of friends, new roles, a new career, connection to a new community, a new culture, and/or new romances/relationships/partnerships that fit our new lives.

Some changes may feel like active choices (i.e. style, aesthetics, taking a class to start a new career). Others may feel like things we were pressured into by our bodies, minds, or social/legal circumstances. Some choose to transition socially, medically, and/or legally, while others don’t see these experiences as optional. Still others don’t have access to one or more of these changes for various reasons.

For this prompt, I want us to focus on what we want to happen in our journeys.

What changes do you hope to see in your life, if any?

Since some of us are queer trans people, this prompt might have an added dimension of sexuality (or lack thereof).

What are your goals as a sexual or asexual, romantic or aromantic transitioning person? What do you hope to learn about and cultivate in yourself as you grow in this journey? How will you rewrite social, sexual, and romantic scripts as you change? How do you want this to affect current or future relationships, if at all? What is the ideal for you?

How do you want this aspect of you to be shared with the world and accepted? Do you want your labels to be a secret someday? Do you want it to be so obvious that it goes unsaid? Do you want everyone to know because you shared openly? In this space, you can take control of your story’s future.

The absence of a goal can count as a goal as well. Maybe you don’t want control over your journey. Tell us why. Maybe you just want to see what happens. What do dreams of an unknown look like? Can you show us?

Here is my response to my own prompt:

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QueelyTrans is a publication for stories from writers who are trans/non-binary with an extra flavor of queer. Trans doesn’t equal straight and we are so far from it, we’re getting delightfully dizzy. Come play! Our voices are too quiet — let’s change that.

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Logan Silkwood

Logan Silkwood

I’m your friendly neighborhood polyamorous, non-binary trans man. Pronouns: he/him. I’m an editor for Queerly Trans and Prism & Pen. Twitter: @logan_silkwood

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