Book Review: Engineering Mathematics by Dr. Deekay Jain

If mathematics could speak, this book would’ve been it (not really). A carefully curated collection of hundreds of problems and their well explained answers (not really), thirty-seventh only to the one R.D. Sharma in terms of cult following. Written by Dr. Deekay (do NOT pronounce as Deek, appearances suggesting whatever) Jain comes the critically acclaimed, highly inspired title: Engineering Mathematics.

The book offers an in depth analysis of concepts (not really) in an easy to understand language (not really) with real-world applications of theorems (not really) strategically placed to catch attention of the readers (not really). You won’t feel the need to refer any other book to realise what’s printed is certainly not your forte. Backed by a plethora of talented teachers who answer your every question (not really) with as much excitement as the first time you got laid (no no, you didn’t get laid anyway), curiosities will be satisfied (nyop).

Sections are meticulously labelled topic wise with relations between topics and their relations to what needs to be studied and why fairly evident (of course not). Opening a math book doesn’t feel good. This book promises to make you feel better by suggesting “it could’ve been worse”.

Engineering Mathematics will get you through examinations and such understanding of topics that you will be well blessed to tackle any mathematical problem in the years to come, irrespective of which semester you studied it in (you believe that?). With a special MITS Edition, you are covered for everything end-sems throw at you (nope).

One of those “all you need to know about” books, and paperback covers as creative as the title (yeah!) the reading audience is hooked-line and sin(kr) (see what I did there?). Since math is about proving and doing (not aarti and pooja, despite what the theists say) what isn’t necessary, I highly recommend it as an excellent addition to your “Read But Never Understood” collection.