The trivial nature of progress has inhibited us from understanding the very paradox it creates, well not in scientific sense but in philosophical sense. For fully comprehending the true nature of progress we need to dive into our souls as progress is subjective from person to person. So the question arises do we let ourselves into belief of the world as to whatever they say we accept, the same fact without even giving the slightest of thought?

Post world war era is somewhat of a bubble of the happiness we force ourselves to believe in. This era embarked with detonation of the atom bomb or in other words it gave way too much power in hands of people who were not yet ready to fully appreciate the responsibility that they bore and thus as a result began a race among nations to get the technology, the point being that instead of indulging in new found peace people had already started preparing for the next world war. From the advent of cold war era the countries in control have abused their power to gain even more power and thus pushing the men like labors in the name of progress. I think many have truly forgotten what it is like to be happy. Families have become a cause of anxiety instead of a source of inner energy. The average human does not get much time until he retires after which he still tries to keep working because he has forgotten to live without a job.

The question we keep pondering upon is what progress truly is? Is it the new and fancy gadgets that companies do not fail to announce with an overpriced rates? Or is it the new and fancy standard of living that begs us to spend much money on our appearances rather than cleansing our characters? Don’t get me wrong I do not hold anything against the new clothes and gadgets but they are used as an object representation of what our society has moved towards. So I think progress is diabolical. It keeps on giving us the sense of moving forward in superfluous manner but beneath keeps us pushing backwards without us even realizing it.

So what can be done? Well I think the primitive character’s virtues be given utmost priority rather than it being affected by the radical changes the society is going through. The common will have to empathize with each other in order to grow as a society in spite of individual growth. The development of the society can be brought about by imparting character values into the young. The reason I keep emphasizing on character is because character is that master-code of a person that has strong adherence to actions. So if we can bring a definitive and positive change in character , we can counter many challenges that we face today.

“Character is determined more by the lack of certain experiences than by those one has had” — FRIEDRICH NIETZSCHE

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