What does a placement mean?

Unlike me, everyone isn’t born privileged. For me, a campus placement is just another thing I have to place a “been there, done that” label on. Probably head on to something or settle down in this place for work.

For some others, it’s a job. A simple job one intends to leave later.

Then there is a kind of person who knows what money means. The kind who has to bear a family, if not her own but to support his aborigine. For him or her, it is a necessity. Don’t get me wrong, a job is necessary for everyone, but just like some infinities, her necessity is bigger.

And recently I’ve come across those for whom it means freedom. Domestic problems are something I cannot disclose of those I know, and they are so varied that I cannot categorize. A common trait though could be too much control a family imposes on the person in question.

Take science in XI, go to an engineering college after XII, while we find the perfect spouse of your choice for you. Don’t you dare fall for someone outside our choice, which by the way is diverse. You can choose between two options deemed fit for you without your knowledge. Also, don’t mind getting good grades, a marriage will suffice while you file your dreams in that cabinet labeled “not gonna happen”. We let you dream to ease obedience, not to let you live them. We have good intentions. We want the best for you and this is the safest option. Also, we won’t let you get acquainted with the real world, so in case you venture out a little too much you’ll have to come back to us. We want the best for you. Wear blue today, black doesn’t suit you.

The possible escape? Get a job and move out. Hopefully, the company won’t ask your parent’s consent to let you earn money. That my friends might be the independence they need. To make decisions of their own and finally, live a life of their choosing.

Stop typing and go to sleep. Staying up late is bad for health.