How to connect to Snowflake, BigQuery and Redshift via QueryPie

Jan 13 · 4 min read

#Data Warehouse connection now available!

From the beginning of QueryPie’s closed beta, there was a lot of feedback about data warehouse sources like Redshift and Snowflake. So after high demand, QueryPie now supports new data sources including Snowflake, BigQuery and Redshift! Make sure you have the newest update (v.4.0.0)!

📢 QueryPie 4.0.0 Version Update!

The latest release includes not only data warehouses connection but improved auto-complete features and a single window mode. Now you can easily manage connection to any database through a drop-down menu on the top-left side of the pane. The database list will be available on your dashboard as well as the workspace!

Below, you can find the step-by-step guide on how to connect data warehouse sources.


*Note that full account name may include additional segments that identify the region and cloud platform where your account is hosted like ‘

2. Type the User name and Password needed to access the account.

3. Specify the Database Name.

4. If you want to specify Warehouse and role, add that as well.

Snowflake Connection


BigQuery Connection
  • To use the service account key information, you should create credentials on the google cloud platform. If you have not created one yet, please refer to the below steps:

Credentials on Google Cloud Platform

2. Click the blue button ‘Create credentials’ > in the drop-down menu options select ‘Service account key’

3. If you created a new service account, please set the service account name and role (you can choose the role option on BigQuery) and create the key type for JSON.

  • Download the JSON file, copy the entire code and paste to the Service Account field on QueryPie! You’re all set!


2. Type the username and password.

3. Specify the Database name.

Redshift Connection

# Easy and Intuitive SQL Tool for Data Warehouses!

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The QueryPie Team’s Development Journey


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The QueryPie Team’s Development Journey

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