Introducing QueryPie Open Beta

Jul 4, 2019 · 4 min read

#The Complete Cross-Platform Database IDE for All

The Complete Cross-Platform Database IDE for All! In July 2019, the beta version of QueryPie was officially released. If you’ve been following our development blogs posted over the past 6 months and been curious about our product, now is the chance to try it out! QueryPie can now officially be downloaded through the official web page here. Experience a new way to work with data using QueryPie’s easy and pleasing-to-the-eye UI/UX!

The QueryPie Beta version supports various OS environments for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Current supported DMBSs are MySQL, MariaDB,and AWS Aurora for MySQL.

📌 QueryPie Team’s Development Journey: Review Previous Blogs

#1. Searching for my own Database IDE
#2. QueryPie: a fresh design for SQL IDE
#3. A team growing with Agile Scrum
#4. Electron Web App made with React; Layout, AntD Customization
#5. Drag & Drop, Resize in React App
#6. Cross-Platform Application Design with Electron, React, and gRPC
#7. Fullstack Development with TypeScript
#8. Why did we choose React and TypeScript for QueryPie?
#9. MySQL SSL Connection Using JDBC
#10. Introducing QueryPie’s first MVP

[Top 10 Features of QueryPie]

1. Dashboard Connection List ( enter connection information )

2. Preferences: General / Editor / Shortcut keys / Accounts

3. Selecting and retrieving database schema/tables

4. Convenient Object Information Panel and Search Function

5. Running multiple SQL queries

6. SQL AutoComplete

7. Auto-Commit Option settings and Code Review Capabilities

8. Run Import / Export and view Export list

9. Copy SQL History and Syntax

10. Edit directly in the data grid

Only the Beta version of QueryPie is available currently, and we hope to absorb any and all feedback we receive to improve its capabilities as we head towards the full release. Please feel free to send us suggestions, error reports or just comments to enhance our product at our Support Center (

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The QueryPie Team’s Development Journey


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The QueryPie Team’s Development Journey

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