3 Stars and a Sun: A Nationalistic Musical

3 Stars and a Sun Musical featuring the music of Francis Magalona PETA

The Philippine Educational Theatre Association (PETA) presents an original musical, 3 Stars and a Sun, featuring the amazing music of Filipino Rap legend, Francis Magalona.

The musical is set in a dystopian future where there exists a fallout shelter called The Stormdome. The Stormdome was created to protect the remaining population from the effects of a nuclear fallout and climate change. It’s a futuristic look at a Philippine society who have forgotten its history and seems to be committing the same mistakes of oppression and injustice.

The musical is very timely as PETA makes a social commentary on Philippine politics and culture using a dystopian Philippine filter where the rich and elite are still in power and the poor and marginalised are still oppressed and abused.

It takes a stab at the youth who have no recollection of our country’s history, fighting off a dictatorship regime reminiscent of the Marcos Dictatorship during the Martial Law.

It is an inspiring musical which pulls on your nationalistic heartstrings. It is a visual and musical treat that showcases the timeless and meaningful songs Francis Magalona. His lyrics and rhymes still moves me and inspires pride for my country.

My wife and I saw it and we had an absolutely amazing time. The cast and the whole production was amazing. A definite must see musical.

Cast of 3 Stars and a Sun after the show