Missing Person

Family Seeks Help for Critical Missing Teen with Autism

Missing teen, Nya Jingles, is without her meds and needs to be found ASAP!

This is the Missing Person’s Poster for Nya Jingles. She is an African American 15-year-old that suffers from autism and ADHD. Nya was last seen wearing a blue hooded sweatshirt, light blue jeans, and black Nike Air Force Ones. Nya is an African American female who’s 5’9” and 140 lbs. She has black hair and brown eyes.
Nya Jingles is without her medication and may become disoriented without them. This poster is from the Black and Missing Foundation.

The family of Nya Jingles is desperately seeking answers for their missing 15-year-old who was last reported getting dropped off by an Uber in the 3300 block of Atlantic Avenue, Long Beach on May…



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Sherrell Writes

Sherrell Writes

I am a new Freelancer who is documenting her journey for others that feel like they have no idea what they're doing.