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Is Kansas City PD Protecting Suspected Murderer Isiah Crown?

Asia Maynard’s family is demanding answers

Isiah Crown has been responsible for 7 deaths according to his friends. Here are 2 pictures of him. The lift is a recent picture of Isiah with a shirt off and low rise bottoms. He has a gold chain and tattoo below his left collarbone. He is smiling with a cigarette behind his ear. The right is a pic from 2014. He has on a sleeveless grey hoodie and is again smiling. He wears glasses in both pictures.
These are both pictures of Isiah Crown. The left is recent. The right is from 2014. Both were found on his now deleted Instagram page.

I recently wrote about Asia Maynard. A 29-year-old black mother of 4 went on a date with a white male, Isiah Crown, and ended up dead in his apartment. Cops lied about her death to the family and then later claimed her death was the result of…



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Sherrell Writes

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