True Crime

Prayer Vigil Planned for an Eloped Missing Teen

Nya Jingles is a 15 year old teen. She is an African American girl. She is seen in a grocery store with her hair in braids, a yellow shirt on and a black and white letterman jacket.
Nya Jingles is a neurodivergent teen who is 15 years old and unable to care for herself. Photo from the Find Nya Jingles Facebook Page

The family of Nya Jingles, a missing 15-year-old who is missing from the 3300 block of Atlantic Avenue is planning a virtual prayer vigil. Nya was last seen on May 5, 2022. The developmentally challenged teen has eloped before, but she was always found.

Here is the original article.



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Sherrell Writes

Sherrell Writes

I am a new Freelancer who is documenting her journey for others that feel like they have no idea what they're doing.