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What’s the main cause of the inner suffering of a human being?

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A human being wants to get rid of his inner suffering since time immemorial and yet his torment persists. Even in a pseudo-developed and rich 21st century.

To answer this royal philosophical question, firstly, we have to accept the fact that a certain measure of pain is a natural part of human life. And as the very same human being refuses to accept this uncomfortable feature of life, the main cause of his inner suffering is revealed: refusing to accept what is.

Nevertheless, the inner torment dissolves once we understand Contentment, i.e. once we learn how to accept not only the positive but also the negative sides of Life. Buddha has already taught humanity this lesson a couple of thousand years ago, but I guess it’s more profitable — sorry, I meant practical — to teach kids servitude to a flag at school.

To enlighten the main cause of the inner suffering of a human being and help the reader towards enlightenment, let’s take a closer look at what refusing to accept what is actually implies.

I believe that my venerable colleague, Mr. Buddha, will be most proud of me.

Refusing to accept what is stems from the (wrong) meaning which we — as individuals — have imposed upon the situations we find ourselves in throughout our life. I have discussed this topic in more detail in my previous post, so let’s just name the six aspects of the wrongly imposed meaning (which leads to the inner suffering) right away.

1. Clinging

Clinging is a blind and strong mentally-emotional attachment to a desired (i.e. created by our mind) outcome of a certain situation. Although it becomes evident that our fantasy is just a fantasy, we cling to it strongly and until we leave it, we will suffer.

2. Expectation

Frustration is one of the many types of inner suffering and stems from our expectation.

3. Harmful beliefs

Every one of us has certain beliefs in our subconscious mind. These beliefs have quite a decisive role in our behavior. So if we have stored some harmful shit in our heads (typically, for example, “I’m not good enough” belief), we’re going to suffer.

4. Fear

Fear in this context is not the real and valid one (e.g. “I fear to jump off the bridge because I may kill myself.”), but the false one that has been created in our mind (e.g. “I fear to ask out that pretty girl over there because she may laugh at me.”). Falsehood in general leads to inner suffering.

(Who noted that harmful beliefs lead toward fear?)

5. Comparing to others

Learning from others is important, but comparing us to them steals Contentment with our life in front of our very eyes. Inner discontent leads to inner suffering.

6. Corrupted ego

If our ego is not healthy but corrupted, the inner suffering won’t miss us.

I have just saved you a trip to India and a several-year-long (if not a lifetime of) spiritual search. You’re welcome. 😎



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