Sounds of Consumption: A Playlist

By New Dream

Ever wondered what it sounds like to question consumption? We asked our Youth Fellows and the New Dream team to contribute suggestions to a playlist that lets us explore consumption and consumerism through music. From Macklemore’s “WINGS” and The Beatles’ “Can’t Buy My Love,” to Gil Scott-Heron’s timeless manifesto, “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised,” we hope you’re inspired by the sounds of artists and visionaries reflecting on different aspects of consumption.

We also recognize the irony in using YouTube to share music about a revolution in the way we look at consumption. As you watch the videos, you’ll be greeted with all manner of advertising, which may cause a range of reactions. What comes up for you, as you listen to these songs, on this platform?

Listen to the New Dream #QuestionConsumption playlist >

Want to recommend a song for the playlist, or provide your perspective on what it means to question consumption? We would love to hear from you! Email and we will follow up!