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My most successful story on Medium is the one where I wrote about how I freed myself from bras. What I forgot to mention there, was that what led me to take the first steps towards this liberation was a moment in my life that actually has something in common with the present one.

Three years ago I had finished the on-site part of my master’s degree (the classes), I was busy with the final project and at the same time working as a freelance designer for two different brands. So basically all my work was mostly done from home — almost like now (under different circumstances, of course). The fact that I spent most of my days indoors and not wearing a bra was very important, because I got used to being braless and that piece of underwear started to feel even more uncomfortable to me during the few times that I “had” to wear it.

Why am I bringing this up again? Because right now many women are having to work from home and with even fewer reasons to leave the house. This article is an invitation. An invitation to try (you woman who reads me) to be “bra -free” during this quarantine.

Since quarantine started, have you been wearing a bra indoors?.. Yes? For the comfort of it or out of habit? Because you feel less attractive without it or because you think your breasts will sag if they are not supported by the bra the whole time?.. No? But do you feel the need to put it when you go out to walk the dog or you have to take the garbage to the dumpster? Do you feel the need to put on your bra to receive a package at your door or to talk to your friends and family by videoconference? Why do you feel that need?

I encourage you to take advantage of this moment of mandatory retreat, in which the pace of life has slowed down considerably (if you, like me, are a privileged one who can work from home), to question those things you don’t normally question, such as why do you wear a bra.

Naturally I speak from a very personal experience, and I have to accept that there will be people who feel more comfortable with a bra on than without it (but deep down I think that’s more the habit and the culture talking than the real physical comfort). On the other hand I think it’s the ideal time to try to change habits, get out of a comfort zone and see what happens.

What if you completely stop wearing a bra for a couple of weeks (or a month, because it looks like this will be going on for quite some time) and you find out that you can breathe better, that you have less back pain and less headaches, that you have more self-esteem, that you care less about what others think and that your breasts haven’t sag after all? Maybe after this trial period you’ll feel like continuing with the experience and with more braless time you will discover that you have less tendency to create cysts (a problem that many women have), that you no longer suffer from sore breasts and nipples or even that your breasts are firmer than ever. Not to mention something you won’t even feel: that you’ve probably greatly reduced your risk of getting breast cancer.

Maybe you’re thinking that I’m exaggerating a little (or a lot) with all these benefits just from ditching bras. As I told you I write from my own experience, but in this case it’s not only that. I invite you to check out this recent preliminary study which looked at the effects experienced by over 1000 women who have stopped wearing bras. And if you decide to give this experiment a chance you can also be part of the study that is still being developed. To find out more visit this site: https://brafreestudy.com/


“questionallers” seeks to encourage questioning, leading us…

Ana ‘Nico’ Fialho

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Together with my sister Rita (Tico) we are the ‘questionallers’. We use writing to question social and behavioral norms. https://questionallers.wordpress.com/


“questionallers” seeks to encourage questioning, leading us to think “outside the box” and no longer do things just because that’s how they were done up to this moment.

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