But first, let me explain

What gives you the right to speak for the Universe…?

The Universe gives me the right, and it gives you the right, too. By simply conceiving the possibility that you may listen for the Universe and receive a response, you have the ability to do so. As you’ve heard many times, worded in many ways, we can do anything. It just takes practice. And the words I share in this publication are my practice. I invite you to share your practice by submitting to the publication.

How do you know your ego isn’t just talking to itself?

I’m learning to tell the difference. Some days I’m more confident than others, but as I mentioned, it’s a practice. I know I will get it wrong sometimes, and please let me know if you feel I’m inserting too much of myself into the message.

What’s your process for asking questions to the Universe?

First, I relax my mind by breathing slowly and deeply while focusing my attention on the feeling of relaxation. A few deep audible sighs help. Try this anytime you are feeling anxious.

Second, I silently say, “Hi, Universe!” I feel that it’s important to imagine the Universe as one whole entity that encompasses everything that exists. Otherwise, the answer you receive might not be what’s best for you and everyone else. By having the conversation with the Universe as a whole, you can be confident that the answer will consider what’s best for everyone and everything. The risks of channeling indiscriminately are discussed in The Stages of Conscious Awakening. You can also say “Hi, God!” if that feels better to you. My current definition for “God” is the loving oneness of the infinite Universe.

Third, I thank the Universe for things in my present reality. Today, I thank the Universe for the ability to work outside without worrying about mosquitos because of my awesome $40 tent (Target), for the online tools Workflowy (one place to keep all my writing organized) and Medium, and for the answers the Universe provides for our guidance.

Fourth, I ask a question and listen patiently. For me, the first answer that comes to mind is often my ego trying to stay in control. I let it have its say, then I let my mind calm back down. I let go of trying to search for the answer and instead imagine my mind as a clear, open receiver for the Universe to connect with. Different people’s minds work in different ways — some see images, some see words, some hear words, and other possibilities as well. If you see words or images, you might want to imagine that your mind is a blank sheet of paper that you invite the Universe to write or create upon.

When I receive an answer, I pay attention to how I feel as the answer arrives. Sometimes, I get the feeling that the answer is incomplete or self-centered. In those cases, I will wait for further clarity to arrive. Strong answers often make me smile or even cry.

I only start writing down the answer once I receive a strong answer and feel ready to write. More of the answer often comes as I write.

Finally, after I’ve written a few responses, I reread my answers and revise anything that feels incomplete or self-centered. I imagine this process will grow and change over time. I’ll be sure to come back and edit this when that happens. The biggest reason I feel it’s worth doing this publication is to encourage you to explore your own power to receive answers from the Universe.

Can I ask you questions to ask the Universe?

Sure. I only ask that you also ask the Universe yourself. Then we can compare the answers we receive. Many of your questions will be specific to you, so it will be much easier for you to ask than for me. I’m not claiming to be psychic. Write a question as a response to one of my articles here on Medium, or email me.