Questo thus far — a team, a product, a story

Arya Vohra
Feb 16 · 7 min read
Team Questo. (left to right) Arya, Taichi, Khush
The Questo beta presentation we gave at our school.
Pitch deck we presented to investors

The machine learning leap — early 2017

We googled “machine learning” and this is the first thing that came up. We guess this is what we’ve become now.
Our preprocessing for OCR.
At SWSG, winning with Photonify.

A step away to reflect — 2018

In 2018, we stepped away from Questo.

A new chapter — 2019

During a brainstorming session at the beginning of 2019, we looked at different project ideas and discussed our goals for the year. All we wanted, and still do want, was to build things people love, but we felt this odd sense of incompleteness. After some thought, we realized it was because we’d spent the past two years building Questo with nothing to show for it.

Questo is simple now.
  • Smarter gap-fill questions
  • Improving the wh-question (what, where, who etc.) model
  • Polishing the iOS app

Questo AI

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