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Don’t Be Too Rigid

Imposing strict rules on yourself to stick to your habits can also dull your ability to follow through.

That’s what I noticed about myself when I failed to follow through my ideal morning routine this week.

I tell myself, “I’m gonna try harder to follow my set schedule tomorrow”.

And yet I still consistently fail to follow through.

I was disappointed. I felt sorry for myself.

But I’m aware of how feeling sorry for yourself can take you to a downward spiral. So I said to myself, “Screw it! If I can’t follow through, then I’ll make the changes necessary to allow me to follow through!

This may look like I’m lowering my standards. But what’s the point of setting high standards if you can’t follow through anyway?

Or maybe this is a case where I need to review my current routine and assess if it still makes sense — if it still fits my current lifestyle.

When you become better, that obviously means you’ve changed.

And if you wanna make yourself even better, you also need to upgrade your habits.

You can’t keep doing the same thing if you expect something different.

Be a scientist. Experiment.




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I write about insights drawn from the life of a father, full-time employee, digital artist and a newbie writer.

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