Rate Your Skills … Rant

It’s Friday! I have meetings/interviews to do. Then Weekend!!!!!

I happen to be looking for some consulting opportunities at the moment doing this because I need to spend a bit more than I am currently making on the the projects I am working one. Anyway enough of that.

Since I have been looking for a some extra work some questions have been coming up and I am really perturbed by the current way the market is acting towards people coming in. I mean with a battery of code tests and hoops that developers have to jump through to join your Company!

However the most annoying question I have faced so far is

What are your top skills and how would you rate them out of 10?

Ok here’s my thing, I’m a software developer I find nifty solutions to problems what tools(IDE, Language, Computer) I use, shouldn’t matter! If you disagree with me you reserve the right to do so and I respect that however if you do let’s go on to the second part of this question this here is the bane of my existence!

Here’s Why …

I am so lucky to have been introduced to code in my early teens, I am now 27 yrs old depending on how you look at it that is at least a decade in development. Yet everyday I write code and I encounter an issue I can’t fix from logging (Post on Logging will come up soon). My normal process would be to check on the internet and see if I can find a solution.

99% of the time I will usually find a solution I didn’t know about or maybe a solution I knew about. High five to finding your own answer on stackoverflow from a few years/months ago!

My larger issue here is ‘rate them out of 10’ ok In order for me to know how much of ‘10’ I know would mean I know what ‘10’ amounts to. What does this mean I have committed the whole language to memory? I know all the api calls in the language? I have used all the possible uses of the language.

What the fuck does 10 mean!

I have been doing this roughly more than half my life every time I do something I learn something, some new way, some new variation, some new hack. I am either very slow at learning or some people are very good at learning so good in fact that they know how much they know of the total meaning they have an idea of the total meaning they know the total.

It’s a learning in progress one learns and one grows.

Rather check whether I fit in your team or I fit in your process I believe that can work out much better than making me say I rate my Java skills at 5 or 7!

There is an illusion of confidence heavily influencing the way software developers are treated/hired/fired.

We should all stop this. Guys let’s meet up lets hack some stuff together at the end of the day the solution that works is what we are looking for.

Queries? Suggestions? PR?

Back To Code! 😝