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Black Friday Offer: 80% discount on programming courses

Duomly — programming online courses

As our motto says, “We believe everyone can learn how to code, so we are making learning fun and easy”, so we decided to take advantage of Black Friday and Cyber Monday to give you a great offer on all our courses. What’s even greater, we’ve just introduced a new Lifetime Plan, where you can buy access to all our courses for a lifetime.

We decided to create a lifetime plan, because we are aware that you may not have enough time right now at the end of the year, maybe busy at work or with house works, and start learning programming. Our opportunity lets you enjoy our Black Friday offer and start learning whenever you are ready! Maybe New Year will bring the right time for the changes in your life, and then you will begin learning new skills confirmed with a certificate after every course.


In Duomly, we sell access to our application as subscription plans with monthly, yearly, and lifetime plan, and for each of these plans, we created a fantastic offer:

50% off for Monthly and Yearly Plan with code: blackfriday
80% off for Lifetime Plan with code: blackfriday-lifetime

Both codes are available to the 6th of December.

To use the promo codes, you have to log in to our app or create a new account and select the plan you would like to purchase. During the checkout process, you will be able to enter the promo code, which will calculate the final price for you!

What can you learn?

Now, let me introduce you to our courses and explain what you can learn!

Front-end developer path
It’s a bundle of courses organized in a learning path, showing you exactly where you should start and what’s the next step to becoming a front-end developer.

In this path, you will find theoretical courses:
-HTML & CSS Basics
-Sass Course
-Javascript for Beginners
-React.js Course

All of those courses are created to let you learn the theory in a fun and easy way. Each lesson includes interesting information, interaction with the block of code, quizzes, and fill in exercises to consolidate the knowledge you’ve learned. After each theory section, there are building courses, where you are able to build real life projects in ready environment.

During building courses, you will be able to build the following projects:
— Build login form in HTML & CSS
— Build a website in HTML & CSS
— Build e-commerce with Bootstrap (coming soon)
— Build Quiz app in Javascript
— Build Tic Tac Toe game in Javascript
— Build drag and drop in Javascript (coming soon)
— Currency calculator with React.js
— Build Search app with React.js
— Build CRUD with Redux and React.js

Intro to programming
It’s an interactive course where you can learn what programming is, the most popular parts and languages of programming, and all the basics which beginner programmer needs to know.

Python Course
It’s a theory course where you can learn Python from zero to a medium level, to be able to write a simple application. In this course, you are able to interact with code and solve problems.

Machine Learning Course
That’s another theory course where you learn how to set up an environment on your own machine to follow up the instructions in the course, you will also get familiar with Machine Learning libraries which you are going to use during the course. The main section of the course, you will learn different algorithms used to create Machine Learning models and train them, and also how to prepare data for the model to train it.

Machine Learning and AI building real projects (coming soon)

Blockchain Course
The course which runs over the theory of Blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, mining, transactions, etc. where we try to make it easy and understandable for everyone.

How to create a blockchain network with Proof of Authority
This is a step by step tutorial on how to build your own cryptocurrency.

Solidity Basics
It’s a theoretical course on the Solidity programming language, with a code to interact with and solve coding tasks.

How to build dApp with Solidity, Truffle, and Angular 6 step by step
It’s a step by step tutorial about building dApp with Truffle, Web3.js, and Angular 6.

Wordpress Courses
It’s a bundle of courses where you can learn step by step how to create an advanced website or e-commerce without coding. We also teach you how to install Wordpress on a server.

New courses

All the courses from the above list marked as coming soon are added at least once-two a month. We are planning to develop a Machine Learning section and add more building projects courses where we will be teaching you how to create a model and train it.

Free content

If you want to practice your programming skills, follow us on Youtube and our blog where we add free tutorials like:
React Tutorial
Vue Tutorial
Image recognition

Thank you for reading,
Anna from Duomly

Duomly — programming online courses




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