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Arthur Tkachenko
May 1, 2018 · 3 min read
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2013 was the first time I used a “Task tracker”. Till then my team lead used Mantis(bug tracker).
Clients sent me bugs/feature requests via email. Sometimes they sent a document with screenshots attached, which was awesome.
This is why I learnt how to manage my work myself.

In my previous company, we started to use Trello boards.

1 board = 1 project.
Rules, styles, kanban — we never had them.

I just stored data that was useful for me.
Then we used Redmine. We started with HostedReadmine(because it was free and online) — but they lacked a screenshot uploader.
So we installed a local version. It worked only in the office — and was not cool.
In few months it was crashed and paralyzed our work for a few weeks(i had a lot of open tabs in my browser — so I created screenshots and replicated it from scratch)

And we started to use JIRA.
I love JIRA. I saw how elegant experienced project managers can use it, and it’s a corporate standard to use its software development.
It’s cool — when project manager existed in the team and he had “straight hands”.
But without spending time on preparation work — using tools like JIRA is obsolete. It’s like shooting bird with M16.
You can use a stone instead.

I also used Confluence — she is great for inside company documentation. You can talk with client inside — discuss progress, finance, etc.

Initially JIRA did not have an awesome git and google docs integration. It wasn’t even cheap.
And all features, like Hipchat integration(alternative to Skype/Slack) — demanded additional costs.
When our money went off — I started hunting for free alternatives.
I made an export from JIRA — but how to use it? What could I do if I did not use Atlassian products?
Nothing ;) It just consumed space on my HDD.
I chose Asana because I did not want to continue with Trello. Asana was simple, I understood its functioning.
But in some time I quit. I don’t know why…

Right now I use Slack and Github every day, and open Asana each time too in a separate tab… I don’t want to open a lot of other tabs. I am addicted to chrome tabs…

I want to create a Slack bot that will help me manage my GitHub repositories.
you can read it [here]

If you will open my projects on GitHub — you’ll see that mess.

I realized that these tasks were just OK. Now is the time to change.
So I’m working on creating systematic project plans.

When I decided to build a team with interns — I updated readme file, created few future releases of simple tasks, etc.
In order to simplify things. You can read details [here]

If you have a team — spend time and teach your team members how to use GitHub, how to use flags, labels, cross-links, etc.

I bind tasks together = I create one main task and assign other sub-tasks to the main task.
We also have milestones and releases. You can also use GitHub Project for the same.

Like IDE, I use Atom because it has good plugins and was created by Github Team. When I’m lazy to commit via CLI — I use GitHub Desktop.

But for years I have used Sublime Text as a code editor.

I’m using Astro, in order to minimize the time required to open my mails. Right now my mailbox looks like heaven — beautiful & simple.
I store different documents at Google Docs + Dropbox, but I move a lot of documents to GitHub since it’s conveniently.
I am no more paranoid about my documents as I am not seen as competition…..yet.
Maybe someone in future will create a tool, that will allow storage of passwords in GitHub. It’ll require key generation and some salt to make it appealing.

Interact. Initiate and Involve yourself with us. Clap to motivate!

Ukrainian Wild West. Copyright: My friend Denis Petrov

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