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The 5 Best JavaScript Frameworks of 2022

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JavaScript is a lightweight, object-oriented programming language used for web page scripting on different websites. Almost all websites utilize some level of JavaScript in one way or another. More than 80% of websites use a third-party JavaScript library or web framework for client-side scripting. Therefore, this article will cover the various JavaScript frameworks you should be using now.

Which Javascript Framework Should You Learn?

So before answering, I would advise you to ask yourself whether you are familiar with JavaScript. To learn frameworks, you must first have a certain level of experience with the language as a whole. For example, do you understand scopes? or closures?

However, for those who are familiar with pure Javascript, you can start with ReactJS. It is a robust open-source framework that will help you kickstart your journey. Don’t run after learning too many frameworks. Start learning one and try to master that framework.


Almost everyone knows this most popular Javascript framework made by Facebook. In a short time, React has made an enormous impact on the Javascript community. This framework lets you create and run dynamic user interfaces for web pages with many incoming visitors. It is much easier to integrate with an application using a virtual DOM.


Even though it was released in 2016, this JavaScript framework has already established its worth by providing a plethora of capabilities. Vue.js has the most appealing characteristics for constructing a high-end SPA, its dual integration mode. It’s a dependable cross-platform programming platform. Due to its ease of use, Vue not only has business-friendly features but is widely considered the easiest JS framework to learn.


Everybody knows this Compared to React and other dominant frameworks such as Angular and Vue.js, Svelte is extremely fast because Svelte compiles code down to optimized Vanilla JavaScript, eliminating shipping the overhead framework code. If you use it with SvelteKit, a framework similar to Next.js and Svelte Native for mobile development, it is likely to increase in popularity.


Angular is one of the most well-known power-efficient Javascript frameworks for developing a single-page application. Extending HTML into the application, Angular enables data binding using the attributes. In terms of code generation, it turns templates into code that’s highly optimized for virtual Javascript machines, providing hand-written code benefits. Additionally, it is built on a modern web platform to deliver app-like experiences that are fast, offline, and require no installation.

Also, remember you will need to migrate to Angular or another framework if you are using AngularJS in your application to avoid future crashes due to a lack of updates (since AngularJS support has officially ended as of January 2022).


Node.js is an open-source server-side JavaScript run-time environment that works across platforms. With its event-driven architecture, the framework can handle asynchronous I/O. It runs in the JavaScript Runtime environment and displays threading, packing, and loop formation similar to Java. Node.js was built with real-time, push-based architectures in mind. However, many developers use it as a non-blocking event-driven server.




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