The Rise Of AI Powered Content

Jun 12, 2019 · 10 min read

It may sound a little unbelievable, but my grandnephew can pronounce Alexa better than his parents’ names. That is the name that he hears more in the house.

I am sure his house is not alone in this matter. People use AI in their homes for so many purposes. Alexa is just one of them.

We keep having our brush with artificial intelligence daily. Right from the pictures, we capture with our smartphones to the ads we see on our Facebook page AI controls everything.

It is the buzzword of the day. The power is AI is bound to rise in the future as all the tech giants have enjoyed its power in furthering their interests.

What Is AI?

We use the term Artificial Intelligence or AI when a machine exhibits qualities that resemble human intelligence. The machine was considered to be “intelligent.”

It is the process where computers are programmed to use enormous amounts of data to perform tasks usually done by human beings.

The technology has become very popular these days. Almost all industries use it. It helps machines to perform better. Robots learn to alter their performances by themselves.

Devices recognize changes as humans do. These are possible because of AI. As the usage spread, we divide AI into different types.

Purely Reactive

This is the lowest form of AI. This kind of AI can observe the situation and act accordingly. It cannot form its ideas. It works on the present case and completes a task. There is no memory in machines with this form of AI.

Limited Memory

This is a slightly advanced form of AI. It has got enough intelligence to make minor decisions. It has a memory to store data. It uses this data to do small tasks. Examples of this are chatbots, automated cars, and digital personal assistants.

Theory Of Mind

This type is still in its nascent stage. Experts expect this to understand our emotions and interact with us.


This is the top level of AI. At this level, machines can interact with us socially. They will gradually develop their personalities. They will have feelings and will form their own opinions.

AI And Content

Probably the one field that has seen the maximum use of AI is in digital marketing. Whether it is in analyzing customer behavior or in the creation of content, AI has been hugely helpful. Here again, the use of available data is what helps.

We don’t need AI development companies to tell us how AI is analyzing our behavior. We can see that in the way we get ads on Facebook or suggestions when we compose an email. These applications examine our habits and provide the right tips. It is one of the primary uses of AI.


Content Management System or CMS is an indispensable part of any organization. It helps in many ways because it is very convenient to use. It lets you track and monitor your content from anywhere. It doesn’t matter what device you are on or what OS you are using.

AI helps companies in getting the information they need from visitors to their site. AI can deliver customized content to customers. It helps in launching campaigns which are better focused. AI also helps in commerce that has experience driving it.

AI aids devices to make smart decisions from the data, which is input. If you apply AI to CMS, then it can be of great use. It will be able to use the patterns of the controllers. AI will help them better in streamlining the content through the CMS.

One of the issues with CMS is that it is not able to organize the contents accurately. It is also not capable of listing the contents. The difficulty comes from not able to relate to people, places, and other related information which find mention in the documents. AI helps organize content in this way.

AI is also useful in checking contracts. It will review and audit the contents in the agreement and correct as required. AI can identify mistakes in the contract using the experience it has with checking contracts. It uses old data as a reference.

AI For Content Creation And Generation

Digital marketing is another area where AI is very much useful. Salesforce surveyed digital marketing professionals. 56% of them confirmed that they were already using AI, and 27% said they are very much likely to use it in 2019. AI stands first in the growth of technologies that digital marketers are going to use.

There is a massive amount of data on potential consumers, and it is growing. AI related technologies like machine learning, deep learning, and natural language processing will be most influential in making data-based decisions.

When it comes to content in digital marketing, AI can help in creating content which will help in getting traffic to your website. You can save a lot of time and energy because of this. AI is already writing reports and news based on available data.

News agencies like Associated Press and Forbes are already using content created using AI tools. It has helped them get more people to visit their websites. AI can help create excellent material if you feed the essential data, keywords, and templates. This content can look like humans designed it. Many popular news agencies are already using this technique.

Smart Content Presentation

It is another use of AI. It will analyze, arrange, and present the content as required by you. It will help visitors to your website more relevant topics. It is perfect for making the visitors stay on your site.

Top AI developers are already using this technology, and you are seeing it almost every day. AI creates the suggestions for viewing related merchandise which appear on e-commerce sites. You will often find messages like “people who bought this also bought XXX.” AI designs these.

Netflix uses the same technology. It uses AI content curation methods to suggest movies to you. It is highly beneficial in digital marketing as it will suggest relevant blogs when a visitor is on your site. It will make the visitor stay for more time on the site.

Email Marketing

We are all used to email marketing. You make a google search for some items, and soon you will find emails in your account related to the products you searched. Many companies are using AI to study your behavior and make their email campaigns more effective. The technology allows targeting the right audience.

AI can analyze a large amount of data. It will find out what subject lines will generate clicks. AI is also able to interpret from the data, which time of day and which day of the week, it is best to send you emails. Companies can even know the frequency with which they can send you emails.

Some of the tools that AI uses to analyze and create content for email are Boomtrain, Phrasee, and Persado. The creation of email subject lines by Phrasee is reportedly 95% better than humans. The nature of content based on analysis by Persado is as good as humans.

Digital Advertising

Digital advertising is that part of internet marketing that has used AI to a very great extent. We already find the use of AI in Google and Facebook ads. These ad platforms are using artificial intelligence and machine learning to identify the people who will perform the action that is most desired by the advertisers.

They use AI to analyze the behavior of Facebook and Google users. With this information, they will find out the right audience to target their advertisement. They will base the search based on a person’s region, interests, etc. to find the target customers. It will allow advertisers to spend the least for conversion.

AI and machine learning do not just help to find the right audience. They also assist in finding a platform that is optimal for advertising a specific product. It means that the advertisement will achieve the best conversion rates.

Organizing Photos

Photos today are a product of manipulation by artificial intelligence. The cameras in most of the smartphones use AI. It helps in clicking better pictures. There are many features, like identifying the face. Facebook uses face recognition to tag photos.

Another place where AI plays a very vital role is in organizing photos. Google photos use AI very effectively. Google photos automatically arrange your pictures concerning different parameters like location etc. The feature also allows you to create movies or collages using the images in your gallery. All these use AI.

News Feed

News feeds on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram will show only items that you will like. If you wonder how this happens, it is again AI at work. AI can analyze your tastes from your actions. It concludes your liking after studying your effects.

It is not just faithful to the news feed. It is also true for social media ads. Marketers use this very wisely to increase their engagement with customers on social media platforms. It helps them in reaching the right people for their products.

AI In Compliance Certification

All organizations are expected to follow certain practices. These can be legal or specific standards set by the industry. Adhering to these practices is commonly called compliance. There are regulatory bodies who check this periodically and issue a compliance certificate.

Today, we see the use of AI in compliance testing. Natural Language Processing is used to check documents. The process uses a set of keywords to see if there is any change from that of the regulatory text.

Deep learning is used to decrease the volume of transactions which are suspected to be cases of money laundering. Companies can also stay within the limits of legal capital requirements by using predictive analysis and scenario building. AI is helping companies to avoid fraud.

Support To Knowledge Workers

AI has been able to reduce the work of humans to a great extent. Companies can use the human workforce for better purposes. The area where AI assists the human workforce is in the case of knowledge workers. AI helps in analyzing the vast amount of information that is available.

There are companies where highly educated people work on research. But these people may lack computing skills. AI is helping them in processing the information that they have. This way, AI can save a lot of time for research organizations.


We regularly see chatbots on various websites. It is another way of using AI to give customers a better experience.

More and more companies are deploying chatbots to converse with customers and help them get the necessary information.

Chatbots can assist in customer support. Chatbots can also send material to customers based on their request.

Businesses Are Providing Beffting With Customer Service AI Chatbots. So, you should be aware of this fact.


There is an increase in voice searches. AI helps to understand voice requests and provide the most suitable search results. AI is not just able to know what we ask but also able to find out the context. It results in more refined search results.

RankBrain from Google and voice searches have made a vast difference in searches and search engine optimization. Amazon Echo, Microsoft Cortana, etc. can give you results based on your voice commands. People are using standard conversational commands. AI is helping the computer recognize the authorities and provide the correct result.

User Experience

The success of a website or an application depends heavily on user experience. An artificial intelligence developer can help the sites give a better user experience. AI studies user behavior while he or she operates the computer. With the support of AI, companies can analyze individual preferences and provide an appropriate user experience.

Predictive Analysis

It is the method of using AI to analyze existing data to help companies take action to convert prospective customers. Instead of reacting to customers’ requests, companies can predict the requirements of the customers and give them what they want. It helps in quickening the process of converting a customer.

However, one of the dangers here is that AI depends entirely on the data that you feed. It is only on that basis it gives the suggestions. But if you do the process correctly, it will help marketers to save time which they will spend on prospects who will never convert to customers.

● We have seen how AI-powered content is exercising its power in various areas.

● AI helps marketers to create the right content for customers based on their behavior.

● CMS is better organized using AI. You can arrange the material concerning people or places.

● AI creates content that helps to keep visitors to your website engaged.

● AI can help create content with the use of pieces of information which you feed it. This content is very similar to content created by humans.

● E-commerce sites create suggestive contents that will prompt customers to check out more products.

● AI helps much in email marketing. It will analyze our email and suggest to marketers what subject line will make us open and read the mail.

● AI and machine learning help companies to find the right audience who will perform the actions desired by them. It also helps to find out the most suitable channel for advertising.

● Google Photos uses AI to organize photos and create exciting collages and movies.

● News feeds in social media platforms use AI to give us the story that we will find most interesting.

● AI finds lots of use in analyzing documents and reports to keep companies compliant with all legal regulations.

● Knowledge workers get a lot of benefit from AI in performing their functions much faster.

● Chatbots are a result of AI.

● AI assists in refining search results. It also helps in recognizing the voice and providing the correct search results.

● We get a better user experience in sites due to AI.

● AI makes predictive analysis to help companies to spend time and money on the right prospects who will convert to become customers.


As the race between companies heats up, they are looking at various technologies to help them serve the customers in a better manner. Creating the right content for customers is a necessity. It is essential to keep the customers happy by focusing on their needs. It is necessary to ensure that they have the best user experience online.

The Best Mobile App Development Company in USA that focuses on AI are sure to find themselves busier than ever as more and more businesses turn to them. They will be the people who will help companies analyze the customers and their requirements. AI is the technology that is going to make customer engagement smarter with better content.

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