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Top A/B Mobile Testing Services and Tools to Adopt in 2020–21

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With more than 100,000 new Android apps released in the Google Play Store every month and users are projected to spend 90% of their internet time on the mobile apps, it is no surprise that the mobile industry is thriving at the fast-paced. And this highlighted the fact that companies from all the industries can take their business to the next level by merely investing in mobile app developments.

Well, the trend of migrating the business from a physical store to digital stores is not new, but Covid-19 pandemic has increased the demand for mobile apps in all sectors. From teleshopping to telehealth, mobile applications are revolutionising things all around the globe.

Now the eye-popping fact is, 40% of applications submitted on the app stores are rejected due to app completeness, design spam, incorrect metadata and more. Apple’s Director of Federal Government Affairs, “Timothy Powderly said- The App Review team reviews more than 100,000 submissions per week and rejects approximately 36,000 of those submissions”.

If we conclude these figures, then it won’t be wrong to interpret that 3 out of 5 apps are rejected. According to the survey, 42% of apps are rejected due to completeness, 10% are due to design spam, and 8% are due to incorrect metadata and so on. So how to get your app published in the app store and how to make it run smoothly on different app stores are few of the major concerns of the developers.

Don’t worry, this blog has listed 10 most Amazing A/B testing tools and services that help you improve the performance of your mobile apps.

But before jumping on the tools and services, it is important to understand what exactly A/B testing tools are and why do you need it?

What is A/B Testing and Why Do You Need It?

This is true that a million-dollar app development idea can help you achieve success, but you can’t ignore this fact that the success of the app is in the way you develop it. So A/B testing should be the initial step of mobile app strategy that enables you to evaluate each element of your app deeply.

A/B testing usually conducts tests on every aspect of the app to understand what’s working and what’s not. So this testing consists of various comparing elements that help you know which one drives more traffic and app installations and more.

So basically A/B testing carried out in two ways:

  • App Store A/B Testing: This will help to test the elements on the store listing and product pages such as title and description, visuals, gallery, and more.
  • App A/B Testing: In which you will test the product.

Benefit of A/B Mobile Testing

Everybody wants a perfect app to generate better traffic and leads for their business, but that’s required constant optimization and never-ending experiments to keep your app up with the next update. And A/B testing will help you analyse with all the statistics about what to make the next change and when in your mobile app. So A/B testing tools and services play an integral part in enhancing mobile app performance.

Now the central question is, what are the best A/B mobile testing tools and services you can look for in 2020–21? In this post, we have rounded up a list of best testing tools and services that you can consider to improve the performance of the mobile app.

Let’s get started with the list…

Top 10 A/B Mobile Testing Tools and Services To Ensure Best Performance in 2020–21

1. Apptimize: Experiment Anywhere & Track Everywhere

Founded in: 2013

Pricing to Use: Feature flags are free, but subscription plans are based on request.

Major Users: Glassdoor, Hotels.com, Delivery Hero and more.

Whether it’s about testing a Native, Web or Hybrid mobile app, Apptimize is one of the leading A/B mobile testing tools that offers you a seamless way to optimize the performance of the app on across all channels. It is ultimately a cross-platform A/B testing solution that allows you to test a variation on any platform and evaluate the chance on all across the channels.

With this app testing tool, you have complete control of feature releases, no matter which platform you are releasing to. With the feature flags, your mobile app development team can easily manage and ramp up mobile, server-side and OTT and web changes without any risk. Apptimize allows you to launch new functionality in your mobile app with complete confidence.

2. Mixpanel: Built Better Product With Power Analytics

Founded in: 2009

Pricing to Use: Free for starters but plans are starting from $24 per month.

Major Users: Uber, Skyscanner, Expedia, Twitter and more.

Mixpanel is one of the most powerful product analytics tools that helps you build a better product and enables you to convert, engage and retain more users through the app. With Mixpanel A/B testing tools, you can get insights into the app, generate a simple report and make integrations that best fit your app. This tool is majorly used to analyse, measure and improve your customer experience. The simple features of this tool are Product Analytics, Product Metrics, and Product Foundations.

Moreover, this tool is easy to access and lets you change any part of your application, without having to deploy any coding.

3. HubSpot & Kissmetrics’ A/B Testing Tool Kit

Founded in: NA

Pricing to Use: Free to use

Major Users: Humana, Unbounce, Groove and more.

Boost the performance of your mobile app with HubSpot as it enables you to download a complete A/B testing kit for free. With this kit, you can access an easy-to-use significance calculator that optimizes variables of the app. Secondly, get a template tracking feature that helps you improve your conversion rates over time.

This is an ideal testing tool for business apps, as it helps you testing everything right from the landing page, emails to call-to-action, that significantly affects the number of leads.

4. Optimizely: Deliver Better Software, Products, and Growth

Founded in: 2010

Pricing To Use: $1,440 With Monthly Charges

Major User: Microsoft, IBM, Zendesk and more.

Optimizely is a standalone powerful and fastest A/B testing tool that allows you to experiment with various elements including onboarding, feature discovery and other strategies that overall help in improving engagement and retention. With the use of this tool, a developer can easily optimize the app experience across any platform including website, backend code, mobile and conversational apps.

Being a super fast and powerful testing tool, it helps you update the app in real-time without waiting for the review report of the App Store and Google Play store.

5. VWO: Most Trusted A/B testing Tool in the World

Founded in: 2009

Pricing To Use: $1,440 With Monthly Charges

Major User: Hilton, eBay, Disney, Target, PennState and more

When it comes to choosing the best yet leading A/B mobile app testing tool to boost the performance of the app, VMO is the first choice of developers. Being used by the world’s best brands, including eBay, Target, Virgin, Holidays, VMO has built its reputation as the best A/B testing tool that also helps in optimizing conversion rates.

To simplify the testing process, VMO offers you a robust reporting dashboard, where you can leverage Bayesian statistics that enables you to run the testing on the fastest mode. Moreover, it will give you more control of your tests and help you reach accurate app test conclusions. This testing tool has been designed to suit A/B tests, Split URL tests and multivariate tests with a drop-and-drop editor.

6. Omniconvert: Optimize Your Customer Journey With Data-Driven Results

Founded in: 2013

Pricing To Use: Plans are based on client request

Major User: NA

Omniconvert is a well-known mobile app conversion rate platform that offers you A/B testing tools along with the survey, personalisation, overlay and segmentation tools to help you get better results. Using their testing tools, you can quickly test apps running on different platforms, desktop, mobile and tablet.

With Omniconver, you can achieve better testing conclusions. It has blended their segmentation tool with their A/B testing tool to allow you test approx 40 segmentation parameters including geolocation, traffic source, visitor behaviour, product features and ability to verify the quality of content to engage the visitor. Omniconvert can be an ideal A/B testing solution for medium-sized business apps.

7. Taplytics: A/B Testing and Experimentation

Founded in: 2011

Pricing To Use: On Request

Major User: Ticketmaster, Chick-Fil-A, CBS and more

Taplytics is a unique and widely used testing tool that allows you to change anything you can see in the iOS and Android apps. Right from buttons, images to colours, the entire UI/UX you can access with this tool and keep your track on it. With the help of this tool, you can see the impact of the recent changes in the real-time, which leads to better user experience.

Taplytics is built with an advanced analytics system that helps you get accurate data for your team and other third-party data systems. Moreover, you can also manage A/B test push notifications from all across the platforms. To leverage this testing tool, all you need is to hire the best mobile app development company that has skills and experience to use it.

8. Leanplum: Multi-Channel A/B Testing Platform

Founded in: 2012

Pricing To Use: Plans are on request

Major User: Tinder, Zynga, App Annie, NBC and more.

Leanplum is the most renowned simple to access and flexible A/B testing platform that helps you optimise every aspect of the app right from user engagement to in-app experience. With this testing tool, you can set any number of goals for campaigns, and be able to conclude highly accurate customer impacts and trends.

Since Leanplum is a highly flexible testing tool, you can access it to understand both the negative and positive impacts of every campaign. For example, did your last push notification increase the app conversion but also lead to additional app uninstallations? Like this way, this testing tool will help you go beyond the average app testing strategies and allow you to make necessary steps for better success.

9. SplitForce: Drive Statistically Significant Results

Founded in: 2013

Pricing To Use: Plans starting from $14 per month

Major User: Marks and Spencer, FreeCharge, Burpple and more.

Since its inception in 2003, it is a widely used A/B Testing platform that supports all the major existing and emerging platforms and providing libraries for iOS native, Android Native and Unity projects. Moreover, it provides you with a unique feature set that enables you to segment your users virtually based on different criteria, including mobile OS, regional, more. These settings will help you collect information stored on your backend using their targeting API.

SplitForce is based on adaptive learning algorithms, though it helps you automate the entire A/B testing by automating the process. Overall, testing with this tool will help you save time and gradually show you better results.

10. Monetate: Complete App Optimization Tool

Founded in: 2008

Pricing To Use: Prices are based on request

Major User: The North Face, National Geographic, True Religion and more.

It is a leading A/B testing tool designed to test marketing apps as it uses contextual data for decisions and recommendations as its core. The technicalities it uses for testing will help you bring together first-party data from sources like your CRM and POS and then combine them with the real-time behavioural and contextual observations to develop influential customer segments.

This testing tool provides you with a unique blend of easy-to-use interface with a powerful backend-testing and segmentation engine to help you create impressive customer experiences that increase conversions and revenue.


To end this post, it is worth mentioning that these are the constant A/B mobile app testing tools that are free to get started with the basic functionalities and features. These testing tools will provide you with the platform to analyse every aspect of the app and help you understand the scope of improving the performance of the app with accurate statistics. You can choose to hire a software development company to better leverage the features of these testing tools.

If you feel, that we have missed out any, you can let us know in the comment box!



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