Top Tutorials to Learn Kotlin (Android) Development For Beginners

Kotlin is the leading language in the manufacture of mobile applications in the future has been adopted by the largest global companies Google and is characterized by the ease and power at the same time.

I. Kotlin for Beginners: Learn Programming With Kotlin

Learn Kotlin from scratch. Grasp object-orientation and idiomatic Kotlin to realize coding projects and Android apps.

This course will teach you programming in Kotlin. It begins with the basics so this course is completely suitable for beginners. You will put what you learn into practice in several coding challenges. So at the end, you’ll be able to create your own applications in Kotlin.

If you’re an Android developer, you can use this course to get up to speed with this awesome language. Kotlin will allow you to maintain a cleaner and more expressive code base, use concepts that go beyond even Java 8, and write more robust apps for Android.

II. Kotlin for Android: Beginner to Advanced

Kotlin is an expressive, concise & powerful development language on Android. Learn everything you need to know to start


Welcome to the world’s most comprehensive course on Kotlin for Android development. Whether your a developer coming from Java, or have NO Android experience, we start from the ground up and teach you everything you need to know how to build apps using Kotlin.

The things you’ll be able to do after taking this course:

  • Learn to code how the PROs code — not just copy and paste.
  • Learn everything you need to know about submitting to the Google Play store.
  • Build beautiful Apps — We don’t build trash — you’ll create amazing real-world apps.
  • Build Real Projects — You’ll get to build projects that help you retain what you’ve learned.

III. The Essential Kotlin Programming Course (Android Developers)

A deep dive exploring the Kotlin Programming Language

You will learn all aspects of the Kotlin Programming Language. You will also understand how to apply this knowledge to more effectively write Android applications. This class does not focus on the server side programming aspects of Kotlin. This class focuses on the Kotlin Programming Language and the advantages of using Kotlin when writing Android applications. You will learn how to effectively use this language to make programming fun and interesting in Android. It will cover every concept in the Kotlin language and show you how to write some interesting applications in Android using this language (code alongs). This course is a deep dive into the Kotlin language, it does not just cover the basics. By the end of this course you will fully understand the Kotlin langauge and how to use it to write Android applications.

IV. Kotlin from Zero to Hero and build 10 Android apps (Arabic)

In this course you will learn the basics of language, applications -what has been studied from the basics, advanced programming is then applied to what has been studied in advanced programming, chat application — to conversations between you and your friends, application like Uber using Google Maps, other services and many exciting and powerful applications 
You will learn how to make powerful applications that you can use in your day, such as application.

This course is designed so you can build applications and learn tons of information within those applications.

V. The Complete Kotlin Developer Course

For beginners or experienced programmers — If you are a complete beginner It has a section for you in the course that walks you through Kotlin step by step. If you have any sort of programming background, It has a section titled Kotlin for Programmers that will get you up to speed as quickly as possible.

Learn with fully functional projects — you will create two Android apps, a command line tool, and Java script for a website.

Challenges to test your learning — As you move through the course it provides challenges that test your new skills and makes sure you’re getting the most you can from this course.

If you’re looking to make Android apps, command line tools, Javascript, or just a new programming language, this is the course for you.

VI. Kotlin Developer Masterclass — Build Android & Kotlin Apps

Learn Kotlin, Android Development, Android Studio & IntelliJ IDEA from Scratch in 5 Weeks. Build Android Apps in Kotlin.

What are you learning from this course?

  • You will be able to learn android app development and Kotlin programming in just 5 weeks.
  • You can create engaging and real-world Android apps (which you can later show off to your family and friends).
  • You’ll learn by building real apps that includes big buzz word apps such as the popular Flappy Bird clone, calculator, YouTube video player, and a simple and basic application as a Head start, a mood setter application.
  • You can learn how to work with APIs, web services and advanced databases Upload your android apps to the Google play and reach millions of android users and earn money by monetizing your applications and allowing advertisements to run on them.

VII. The Complete Android Kotlin Developer Course

Learn how to make online games, and apps for Android O, like Pokémon , twitter,Tic Tac Toe, and notepad using Kotlin.

This course is for anyone who wants to be a Kotlin programmer from scratch. The course will start by fundamentals of Kotlin. You will first install the development environment then you will run your first Kotlin app. Then you will learn about variables, math operation, priorities, logical operations, making a decision, loops, how to work with files, functions and OOP concept that you need to use when you program apps with Kotlin. You will learn about multi-processing and how to run multi-process same time. You will learn how to build apps and game on Android like Pokemon and tic tac toy and work with restful web services and JSON by build apps like getting sunshine time. You will learn how to work with SQLite database to add, delete and update records. Also, you will learn how to use Firebase for online gaming and build social media app like twitter. Learn how to create apps with sensors like run music when a light is on, and Nimbuzz vibrates when a phone is shaken.

VIII. Kotlin Android Development Masterclass — With Android Oreo

This course will take you from knowing nothing about Android O app development to a complete Android developer in 5 weeks. You will learn the following:

  • IntelliJ IDEA and build User Interface (Set up and walkthrough)
  • Android Studio and build User Interface (Set up and walkthrough)
  • Fundamentals of Kotlin Programming used to build Android apps
  • Inputs, Buttons and Reactive (Tap) Interfaces
  • Android Building blocks
  • Variables, Arrays, Loops, ArrayLists, ListView
  • Navigate between screens
  • Passing information between screens
  • Learn how professional android apps developers think and work
  • Learn how to design android apps
  • Build several amazing apps — Hands on
  • Publish your apps on Google Play
  • Build Sound Box app

Build a strong foundation in Android Development, Android Studio, IntelliJ IDEA and object-oriented Kotlin Programming with this tutorial and complete course.

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