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A Woman Walks Into A Bar … Looking For A F*ck.

I needed to angry-fuck my ex out of my head, and any man in the cheapest bar in town would do.

“Looking for a good time, sweetheart?” He was mid-thirties, with rough stubble and dead eyes.

“More like a revenge fuck with someone who doesn’t ask questions.”

My bare ass shivered as he bent me over the backseat of his truck and lifted my skirt.

“You’re so fuckin’ tight,” he said, fingering me. “Wet and tight.”




If you’re an erotica and/or sex writer and you’ve wanted to dabble in short form (150 words or less) posts, this publication is for you! Quick and dirty short reads!

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Who said babysitting had to be boring? Romancing the line between lust and love as I pay my way through college.