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He’s My Teacher. I Shouldn’t.

If we get caught he’ll lose his job.

But when he leans over my desk, his job is irrelevant. And when he wants to see me after class, I know it’s not for study.

His body is all man and his cock is fully formed, larger than the twenty-something’s I’m used to.

And when he slides inside, it’s what he does to me that matters.

I don’t need foreplay, not with his dirty words and lingering looks during the lecture. I don’t need promise of forever. Not when he’s exactly what I need right now and I don’t know who…




If you’re an erotica and/or sex writer and you’ve wanted to dabble in short form (150 words or less) posts, this publication is for you! Quick and dirty short reads!

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Who said babysitting had to be boring? Romancing the line between lust and love as I pay my way through college.