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Quick & Dirty Reads #1

The best flash erotica this week (June 9–15, 2022)

So, I promised a short newsletter in 150 words or less that would have you begging for more…can I do it? Let’s see…

Who loves a good series? It’s like a long, slow fuck that gets you warmed up and then lets you cool down before fucking you hard. I’m hoping these stories by Sean Geist are the start of a series: Safewords and Rewarded

I’m a sucker for multiple partners and multiple penetrations and Ginger Bangs does a bang up job: My wife reached for the first man’s cock…

I’ve been writing about public orgasms and sex toys lately and my readers are loving this one: I was going to have an orgasm right there in front of everyone.

This story by Dexxie Flash proves that consent can be sexy as fuck: You sure that’s what you want?

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Autumn Seave

Autumn Seave

You never know what you’ll get from me — sexy stories, ruminations on love and relationships, & more! http://inkyblueallusions.com