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Quick & Dirty

Using my every hole

My wet cunt exposed to their ravenous gaze; their eyes traveled over my body hungrily,

I lay in front of the group of men, spread out in a feast of plump and bountiful flesh on the bearskin rug.

They took turns using the holes of my body; never leaving me open and wanting for long as they rotated positions. Mouth, ass and pussy filled at all times.

There were so many of them that by the time one man came and pulled out, another was stretching me wide open.

My body quickly became covered as come dripped out of my every orifice. I loved letting them have their way with me.




If you’re an erotica and/or sex writer and you’ve wanted to dabble in short form (150 words or less) posts, this publication is for you! Quick and dirty short reads!

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Dottie Daytona

Dottie Daytona

Author of short story erotica. What can I say, I love to share the dirty thoughts that float through my head.

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