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Quick & Dirty

Woman unhooking purple bra while kneeling on bed.
Photo by Ronin, Pexels

When Daphne unhooked her bra, I knew she was serious.

Her tits swayed freely as she patted the mattress. My job was getting naked and lying flat so she straddled my face. My wife, Lisa, and our submissive Dahlia, climbed on the bed and fell into an orgy of groping each other, kissing, and finger fucking while Daphne rode my face.

She took charge and told Lisa to stroke my cock so that I’d come, which I did, with a body-shaking orgasm.


If you’re an erotica and/or sex writer and you’ve wanted to dabble in short form (150 words or less) posts, this publication is for you! Quick and dirty short reads!

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