Break down growth into discrete steps. Then you can measure the unmeasurable.

By dissecting the long and complicated sales process into smaller units of analysis, you can better control it. Each step will be more understandable, measurable, and actionable. And more easy to manage. Practically, this means looking beyond just sales close percentages or your sales reps’ quarterly numbers; measure their activity daily or hourly, look at each minute action that leads to a close.

The same goes for the many touchpoints and complex interactions in the marketing process as a whole. By breaking these chaotic systems down into discrete steps, you are able to measure the unmeasurable and manage the unmanageable. We call this the ‘nanotechnology of marketing’. The idea is to apply scientific management and the innovations of industrial engineering and operations to the sales and marketing process.

Marketing is arguably much harder to control than an assembly line, but improvements to it can be just as significant. And there tends to be fewer robots that may take over one day.

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