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A minimal NFT standard

The NFT standard, ERC721 is a little bit bloated. And this might result in some companies only partially following ERC721 to achieve a certain goal. Such as a subscription model of NFTs.

Or a company might only want to implement a token that doesn’t have a URI. EIP-3754 was blown in to life to create an atomic NFT standard that you can build layers of abstraction upon.


Note: EIP-3754 is still in its ‘draft’ stage at the time this article is published. It isn’t recommended yet for use in production environments.

The ERC-721 standard contains a lot of features such as tokenURIs that aren’t necessary for every NFT. Of course, your regular BAYC or CoolCat would need a tokenURI, but for purely functional tokens such as a digital access pass for a game you won’t need a tokenURI. Except to flex with the pass on OpenSea of course.

But because of this, EIP-3754 has been blown into life. To be the atomic definition of a Non-fungible token, and nothing more. Only representing abstract ownership of the token, nothing more.

Implementing the standard Solidity

The interface of this standard will show how minimal it truly is. It still features everything we need to get token owners, transfer tokens, and approve dApps to use the tokens, but it removes the bloat that mostly comes from tokenURIs and their functionality.

So in Solidity terms:

ERC721 is IERC3754 // + metadata functionality

A fully working example can be found on the GitHub page of the creator of this proposal.


EIP-3754 is an interesting approach on making NFTs (ERC721) more concise by removing the tokenURI support that isn’t truly necessary for an NFT, even if most NFTs use it.

This standard proposes a more atomic NFT standard. It does not add any functionality on top of the current NFT standard.

Thank you so much for reading and have an excellent day.

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