A Rooftop Nooner

couple on rooftop

“Lunch sex?” read the text.

Fuck. Do I have time? Of course, I have time.


“Roof of your building?”

Shit, that’s a fantastic bad idea. The roof is perfect, and there’s even some privacy, but I know everyone in this building by their first name. Don’t think about her sucking my cock on the fire escape, I thought. Don’t remember her lips, or how tight she feels in the afternoon.

“See you in fifteen,” I wrote.

I canceled one meeting, made up an excuse for an errand to run and stood in the hallway waiting. When the elevator opened the first things I saw were her legs. They were long and sexy and they went all the way up to the bluest dress I’ve seen all summer. She smiled and didn’t stop as she walked passed me and opened the door to the roof. She climbed down the fire escape, onto the hot black tar, and didn’t stop until she was against the wall near the back alley. I followed her, looking over my shoulder as I did until we kissed against the warm stone of the building.

For a moment I expected her to kneel and take me into her mouth. It was just what I had imagined all morning and I didn’t realize the new plan until she pushed me to my knees in front of her. The blue cotton beneath her dress was lighter in color but just as easy to move out of the way. She was salty and strong and she grabbed my hair so tightly I nearly moaned. She didn’t let me stay there for long, but it was long enough to drench my chin and fingers, and I knew I’d be smelling her for days.

When I finally fucked her it was actually tender. We kissed slowly and I somewhat awkwardly pulled her leg around me as I thrust into her. We constantly adjusted our angle and balance, but we got it right just enough to cause perfect friction.

“Come in me,” she whispered, as I got close. “I want to feel you for the rest of the day.”

It didn’t take much more encouragement. She kissed me fiercely and pulled me to her. She pressed her hips against me until I was so deep inside her I nearly lost my balance, and she clenched around me until I couldn’t hold back. She held me as I came and somehow we didn’t fall.

She left me on the roof so as not to make it obvious. The elevator was gone by the time I walked back in and all seemed calm in my office.

“What happened to your pants?” Came a voice from the newest designer. I looked down to see two black marks on my knees.

“I have absolutely no idea,” I said with a big smile.