User Experience: A video experiment

We depend on an army of products everyday to carry out our functions at work, home, indoors, outdoors, everywhere. Some of them, you absolutely love, some you use because of no better choice, some you just hate, some you are totally indifferent to and many that you don’t remember at all.

What makes a product to remain in your memory and why do you keep coming back to it? And why does most product experience suck?

I am trying out an experiment to produce 1 video every week on one UX area to see if you find it useful and apply some of the tested methods to make a better product. I will start with web / mobile applications since that’s what a majority of us already use in some way.

Lets see how it goes.

Video 1

The first video is the use of Call to Action on web / landing pages and how these can be simplified for a visitor coming to that page.

The video quality may not be top notch, but it works.

The idea is to keep the videos short and not to take more than 3–5 mins of your time. Feel free to comment / critique and share any experiences you may have had in a similar scenario.

And this will be only once a week, so I am not trying to push a video every day towards you (May be I can’t produce a video everyday in the first place!)

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